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    Alice Henrietta and Mabel Cordelia

    Alice and Cordelia feel a little more on the old-fashioned side (with Cordelia being more so the extreme), and Mabel and Henrietta feel a little more om the vintage side (with Henrietta being more so the extreme); in Alice Henrietta and Mabel Cordelia, both "feels" seem quite balanced out. I don't know if that makes any sense (sorry if that's the case) but I do hope this helps.
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    Alice Cordelia & Mabel Henrietta would be my pick!

    Cordelia and Mabel have a sort of vintage yet modern feel to them, whereas Alice and Henrietta have a more timeless feel. I like how each combo has a kind of balance to it in this set. Mabel Henrietta is a mixture of soft and bubbly, but Henrietta also gives it a sort of sensible, tough kick. Alice is gentle but sturdy and Cordelia adds something adventurous to it!
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    I prefer Alice Cordelia & Mabel Henrietta. To me, Alice is more fun loving while Mabel is sweet. Cordelia and Henrietta both feel much more serious to me with Cordelia being slightly harsher with the hard C. I think Alice's playfulness better balances that out than does Mabel. That said, I do also like the sound of Alice Henrietta.
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    Thank you all for commenting, I really appreciate it!
    I don’t expect anyone to reply (as it’s been a while - sorry) but I still wanted to comment on your comments

    @jensowvlen - I think I may feel the same, though I don’t necessarily think Henrietta feels very clunky, just with Mabel she feels very Molly Weasley-like, cozy and warm and a little unorganised and like a beautiful mess - which is something I generally like but maybe it’s a little much and not modern enough?!

    @myosotis - I do really love Alice Cordelia (it has been on my list for years and years now) but I do love Alice Henrietta, too, they have a very different vibe, though, and I’m not sure which one I prefer. I agree that Alice Cordelia feels whimsical and she makes me think of the North Sea but also of a grand Victorian English manor, both a little cold and distant but also kind and creative. Alice Henrietta makes me think of a friendly Georgian house with a large wildflower meadow as a garden and a fun Mozart tune being played on the piano.

    I don’t know, can you see these as each name?
    And based on that imagery which do you prefer?

    @ceruleanstardust - I totally understand what you mean! I’d love to know what makes the difference between old-fashioned and vintage to you?

    @greyblue - interesting that you view Henrietta as more timeless than Cordelia, usually she’s seen as quite clunky so I’m happy to see someone doesn’t view her that way!

    @cyoung325 - ahh, Alice is so easy to pair with a middle name, she sounds lovely with so many names but to decide on one is the challenge! The answers seem pretty balanced, too, so I’m still quite stuck and switch between the two every 5 minutes, haha.
    For me, Alice is more fun with Henrietta and more sophisticated with Cordelia, I love both! The struggle!
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    Quote Originally Posted by opheliaflora View Post
    Alice Cordelia & Mabel Henrietta or Mabel Cordelia & Alice Henrietta

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on which set you prefer and why do you prefer the ones you picked over the others, as well as what imagery each combo gives off individually and what they make you think of in a set
    I love all these names!

    I like Alice Cordelia a lot. I like the repeated "c" though with the different sounds. Alice is short, sweet, sturdy, and old-fashioned, whereas Cordelia is more elaborate, so I think they make a lovely combination.

    I like Mabel Henrietta too. Very old-fashioned and rollicking. What fun to have as a middle Henrietta!

    Mabel Cordelia does not flow well in my ears. Alice Henrietta is OK, but I prefer Alice Cordelia or Mabel Henrietta.

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