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    🌷 Wilhelmina 🌷

    Wilhelmina Tulip arrived on July 5th, 2019 after a ten-hour labor that kept us all from the fireworks. In the end, after agonizing so very much on our name choice (hardest kid to name ever!), it was the one that amazingly clicked because it was the most meaningful.

    Wilhelmina was the name of an admirable Dutch queen that I was inspired to add to my list because I myself was named after Queen Juliana (Wilhelmina's daughter) upon my Dutch grandfather's request . However, the moment Wilhelmina truly clicked was when my husband pointed out that it was a family name for Vincent van Gogh who is one of my greatest loves in terms of art and human being. Who doesn't cry like a baby during that episode of "Doctor Who" where they take van Gogh to the museum? Or at the sheer beauty and artistry that was "Loving Vincent"? Willem was Vincent van Gogh's middle name and Wilhelmina the name of his youngest sister, a badass lady in her own right, and they both had in common a wonderful brother named Theodore.

    My brood of kiddos has a Hugo Vincent, a little Theodora (Theda) and now a tiny Wilhelmina, as well as Larkspur, Jasper, Maria (Masha) and Rupert. As a parent, I can only hope they will grow to appreciate and cherish their names because they were all picked with love.

    Thank you all so much for your boundless patience, suggestions, and feedback especially in my last-minute times of naming desperation!

    hugo vincent - larkspur cynthia - jasper wyatt
    theda rosemary - maria marigold - rupert willow
    & wilhelmina tulip

    philomena tulip - chrysanthemum clara - gardenia cleo
    zenobia blossom - octavia tigerlily - agnes periwinkle
    aurelia dandelion - poppy philomena - sylvie nightingale

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    Congratulations! Wilhelmina Tulip is such a beautiful name that goes perfectly with her siblings (who also have brilliant names). I love how meaningful her name is for you, I'm sure she'll love and cherish it just as much as you do her
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    Congratulations! Wilhelmina is a stunning name and just perfect with her siblings. Best wishes for you and your family!
    Now @scholastica xx

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    Wilhelmina Tulip is beautiful! Congratulations
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    What a perfectly gorgeous name! Congratulations!
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