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    The Three Amigos -Round 3- Dice Generation Game

    Link to Round 1
    Link to Round 2

    Use this dice

    Round 3 takes place 5 years after Round 2. This time, you will be rolling for Round 3 Plans, Current Location, Relationship Status, and Children.

    1- military (if in military last round, same branch; if not in military last round, roll for branch)
    2- same as last round
    3- working, (if working last round, same job; if college last round, choose job related to that major)
    4- same as last round
    5- working, (if working last round, roll for different job; if college last round, choose job related to that major)
    6- college (if college last round--he's graduated!, choose any job related to former major; if not in college last round, roll for major)

    Military Branch:
    1- army
    2- air force
    3- marines
    4- coast guard
    5- navy
    6- national guard

    College Majors:
    1- physical therapy
    2- accounting
    3- theology
    4- veterinary medicine
    5- sports medicine
    6- art teacher
    7- journalism
    8- food science
    9- history
    10- architecture

    1- fireman
    2- local news anchor
    3- animal shelter director
    4- manny
    5- taxi driver
    6- dental hygienist
    7- sports announcer
    8- park ranger
    9- welder
    10- police officer

    1- Little Rock, Arkansas
    2- same as last round
    3- Dublin, Ireland
    4- Reykjavik, Iceland
    5- same as last round
    6- same as last round
    7- San Francisco, California
    8- Kingston, Jamaica
    9- Adelaide, Australia
    10- Yellowknife, Canada
    11- same as last round
    12- Cascade, Montana

    Previous Relationships:
    If engaged last round: 1-3: married, 4: dating someone else, 5: divorced, roll for new relationship, 6: single
    If dating (long term) last round: 1-2: dating someone else, 3: engaged, 4-6: married
    If dating (short term) last round: 1,2,5,6: dating someone else, 3: married, 4: engaged
    If married last round: 2,3,4,5: still married, 1,6: divorced/widowed

    New Relationships:
    1- married
    2- single
    3- engaged
    4- dating

    1- none
    2- 1
    3- 2
    4- 1
    5- none
    6- 3

    1- boy
    2- girl
    3- girl
    4- boy

    1- 4
    2- 3
    3- infant
    4- 2
    5- 3
    6- 1

    Male Names:
    1- Zadin, Eric, Waylon, Darcy, Halifax, Xzavier, Thurman, Thadeus, Ansel, Minor, Kenhelm, Crew
    2- Click "Get male names"
    3- Select from counties:
    4- Derek, Walter, Jayce, Humphrey, Garold, Garrett, Bayou, Deacon, Slade, Emmett, Macaulay, Philip
    5- Choose correct gender and the longer name:

    Female Names:
    1- Rebecca, Riley, Sesame, Kizzy, Francesca, Carra, Cecily, Arleigh, Keziah, Callista, Shantal, England
    2- Click "Get female names"
    3- Meera, Audrey, Carmela, Iris, Mona, Dalena, Anita, Zara, Hermione, Charlotte, Liberty, Juniper
    4- Select from counties:
    5- Choose correct gender and the longer name:

    Last Names
    2- Choose from the 3rd column:
    3- Use one of the last names generated when you click this link:
    4- Choose from "Current Squad"

    Amigo 1:
    Round 1 Plans:
    Round 2 Location:
    Round 2 Plans:

    Amigo 2:
    Round 1 Plans:
    Round 2 Location:
    Round 2 Plans:

    Amigo 3:
    Round 1 Plans:
    Round 2 Location:
    Round 2 Plans:
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    Amigo 1:
    Name: Shawn Christopher Wright (27)
    Round 1 Plans: Gap year in Eastern Europe
    Round 2 Location: Denver, CO
    Round 2 Plans: Joined air force
    Round 3 Plans: Working as a sports announcer
    Round 3 Location: Denver, CO
    Relationship: Broke up with: Tania Eve Williams (28), Broke up with: Toni Yasmin Perez (29), Currently Dating: Layla Whitley Hutchinson (26)
    Children: none

    Amigo 2:
    Name: Dalton Cain Hagerty (28)
    Round 1 Plans: College, majoring in Psychology
    Round 2 Location: Bangor, ME
    Round 2 Plans: Still in college, majoring in Psychology
    Round 3 Plans: Working as a Psychologist
    Round 3 Location: Dublin, Ireland
    Relationship: Broke up with: Dayana Letesha Jones (27), Married to: A'Mya Devan Overby Hagerty (26)
    Children: DD1: Emersyn Maleah Hagerty (6), DD2: Monroe Cassidy Hagerty (3)

    Amigo 3:
    Name: Eli Alexander Kann (28)
    Round 1 Plans: College, majoring in art
    Round 2 Location: St. Louis, MO
    Round 2 Plans: Working as high school art teacher
    Round 3 Plans: Working as local news announcer
    Round 4 Location: St. Louis, MO
    Relationship: Married to Laura Jaycee Townsend Kann (28)
    Children: DD1: Karlee Alaina Kann (9), DS1: Caden Brooks Kann (8), DS2: Bryce Hayden Kann (7)

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    Amigo 1 (27): Braedon Michael Williams
    - Took a gap year in the Caribbean
    - Still working as a Handyman
    - Living in Cascade, Montana
    - Married to Myla Grace Williams nee McGill (27)
    - Daughter Whitley Rhiannon Williams is 3 years old; twins Parker Justice Williams and Kennedy Cheyenne Williams are a year old

    Amigo 2 (28): Cameron Christopher Clark
    - Went to trade school for plumbing
    - Working for internet start-up as a Graphic Designer
    - Living in San Diego, California
    - Married to Riley Callista Clark nee O’Shea
    - Daughter Liberty Brynn Clark is 3 years old

    Amigo 3 (27): Cain Ryder Astly
    - Still in the Marines
    - Stationed in San Francisco, California
    - Married to Alannah Marine Astly nee Olson (27)
    - Daughter Emersyn Grace Astly is 8 years old; Son Dakota Jordan Astly is 3 years old; Daughter Shaylee Paige Astly is a year old; Son Deacon Garrett Astly is 2 months old

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    Amigo 1
    Name: Cameron Parker Finch [28]
    R1 Plans: Joining the Marines
    R2 Location: Chicago, Illinois
    R2 Plans: In the Marines
    R3 Location: Chicago, Illinois
    R3 Plans: In the Marines
    Relationship Status: Married to Celeste Amalya Finch {Wolf} [28]
    ~ Knox Emmett Finch [infant]

    Cam+Celeste, and Knox
    Amigo 2
    Name: Josiah Rafael Shillings [27]
    R1 Plans: Taking a Gap Year in India
    R2 Location: Baltimore, Maryland
    R2 Plans: Going to College, Majoring in Social Work
    R3 Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
    R3 Plans: Joining the Coast Guard
    Relationship Status: Married to Sabrina Grace Schillings {Oswald} [27]
    ~ Hannah Emersyn Shillings [9]
    ~ Madelyn Nell Shillings [6]
    ~ Eleanor Grace Shillings (4)
    ~ Graham Martin Shillings (3)
    ~ Abigail Cecily Shillings (2)

    Joe+Sabrina, Hannah, Maddy, Elle, Graham, and Abbie
    Amigo 3
    Name: Edward Eugene Jones [27]
    R1 Plans: Working as a Flight Attendant
    R2 Location: Baltimore, Maryland
    R2 Plans: Working as a Flight Attendant
    R3 Locations: Kingston, Jamaica
    R3 Plans: Working as a Flight Attendant
    Relationship Status: Married to Aaliyah Marielle Jones {Collins} [28]
    ~ Juniper Arleigh Jones (4)
    ~ Stella Athena Jones (2)
    ~ Thadeus Alan Jones (infant)

    Eddie+Liyah, Juni, Stel, and Thad
    Teenberry//Aries//Harry Potter Nerd//

    Evangeline, Eleanor, Elody, Lennox, Hazel, Holland, Fiona, Persephone

    Oliver, Wesley, Silas, Sebastian, Ezra, Percival, Atticus, Augustus, Callum, Gideon, Finch

    Paisley Grace

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    Amigo 1: Ezra Tobias Rodriguez (28)
    -R1 Plans: College, education
    -R2 plans: Marines
    -R2 location: Tokyo, Japan
    -R3 Plans: Animal shelter director
    -R3: location: Tokyo, Japan
    -Relationship: DW: Molly Susannah Debbs (28)
    —DD: Lydia Iris (3)
    —DS: Christopher DarcyKit” (nb)

    Amigo 2: Macon Alexander Syre (27)
    -R1 Plans: Gap year in Australia
    -R2 plans: college, graphic design
    -R2 location: Mexico City, Mexico
    -R3 Plans: Welder
    -R3 location: Mexico City, Mexico
    -Relationship: single
    —DS: Cooper Maurice (3)

    Amigo 3: Riley Seth Williams (28)
    -R1 Plans: Marines
    -R2 plans: Marines
    -R2 location: Dublin, Ireland
    -R3 Plans: Park ranger
    -R3 location: Dublin, Ireland
    -Relationship: DW: Evelyn Parker Crow (27)
    --DD: Jenna Maeve (7)
    --DS: Hudson Abbott (6)
    --DD: Avery Grace (5)
    — DS: Brett Chandler (3)
    Zoe. 18. Aquarius.

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