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    The Three Amigos -Round 3- Dice Generation Game

    Link to Round 1
    Link to Round 2

    Use this dice

    Round 3 takes place 5 years after Round 2. This time, you will be rolling for Round 3 Plans, Current Location, Relationship Status, and Children.

    1- military (if in military last round, same branch; if not in military last round, roll for branch)
    2- same as last round
    3- working, (if working last round, same job; if college last round, choose job related to that major)
    4- same as last round
    5- working, (if working last round, roll for different job; if college last round, choose job related to that major)
    6- college (if college last round--he's graduated!, choose any job related to former major; if not in college last round, roll for major)

    Military Branch:
    1- army
    2- air force
    3- marines
    4- coast guard
    5- navy
    6- national guard

    College Majors:
    1- physical therapy
    2- accounting
    3- theology
    4- veterinary medicine
    5- sports medicine
    6- art teacher
    7- journalism
    8- food science
    9- history
    10- architecture

    1- fireman
    2- local news anchor
    3- animal shelter director
    4- manny
    5- taxi driver
    6- dental hygienist
    7- sports announcer
    8- park ranger
    9- welder
    10- police officer

    1- Little Rock, Arkansas
    2- same as last round
    3- Dublin, Ireland
    4- Reykjavik, Iceland
    5- same as last round
    6- same as last round
    7- San Francisco, California
    8- Kingston, Jamaica
    9- Adelaide, Australia
    10- Yellowknife, Canada
    11- same as last round
    12- Cascade, Montana

    Previous Relationships:
    If engaged last round: 1-3: married, 4: dating someone else, 5: divorced, roll for new relationship, 6: single
    If dating (long term) last round: 1-2: dating someone else, 3: engaged, 4-6: married
    If dating (short term) last round: 1,2,5,6: dating someone else, 3: married, 4: engaged
    If married last round: 2,3,4,5: still married, 1,6: divorced/widowed

    New Relationships:
    1- married
    2- single
    3- engaged
    4- dating

    1- none
    2- 1
    3- 2
    4- 1
    5- none
    6- 3

    1- boy
    2- girl
    3- girl
    4- boy

    1- 4
    2- 3
    3- infant
    4- 2
    5- 3
    6- 1

    Male Names:
    1- Zadin, Eric, Waylon, Darcy, Halifax, Xzavier, Thurman, Thadeus, Ansel, Minor, Kenhelm, Crew
    2- Click "Get male names"
    3- Select from counties:
    4- Derek, Walter, Jayce, Humphrey, Garold, Garrett, Bayou, Deacon, Slade, Emmett, Macaulay, Philip
    5- Choose correct gender and the longer name:

    Female Names:
    1- Rebecca, Riley, Sesame, Kizzy, Francesca, Carra, Cecily, Arleigh, Keziah, Callista, Shantal, England
    2- Click "Get female names"
    3- Meera, Audrey, Carmela, Iris, Mona, Dalena, Anita, Zara, Hermione, Charlotte, Liberty, Juniper
    4- Select from counties:
    5- Choose correct gender and the longer name:

    Last Names
    2- Choose from the 3rd column:
    3- Use one of the last names generated when you click this link:
    4- Choose from "Current Squad"

    Amigo 1:
    Round 1 Plans:
    Round 2 Location:
    Round 2 Plans:

    Amigo 2:
    Round 1 Plans:
    Round 2 Location:
    Round 2 Plans:

    Amigo 3:
    Round 1 Plans:
    Round 2 Location:
    Round 2 Plans:
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    Amigo 1:
    Name: Shawn Christopher Wright (27)
    Round 1 Plans: Gap year in Eastern Europe
    Round 2 Location: Denver, CO
    Round 2 Plans: Joined air force
    Round 3 Plans: Working as a sports announcer
    Round 3 Location: Denver, CO
    Relationship: Broke up with: Tania Eve Williams (28), Broke up with: Toni Yasmin Perez (29), Currently Dating: Layla Whitley Hutchinson (26)
    Children: none

    Amigo 2:
    Name: Dalton Cain Hagerty (28)
    Round 1 Plans: College, majoring in Psychology
    Round 2 Location: Bangor, ME
    Round 2 Plans: Still in college, majoring in Psychology
    Round 3 Plans: Working as a Psychologist
    Round 3 Location: Dublin, Ireland
    Relationship: Broke up with: Dayana Letesha Jones (27), Married to: A'Mya Devan Overby Hagerty (26)
    Children: DD1: Emersyn Maleah Hagerty (6), DD2: Monroe Cassidy Hagerty (3)

    Amigo 3:
    Name: Eli Alexander Kann (28)
    Round 1 Plans: College, majoring in art
    Round 2 Location: St. Louis, MO
    Round 2 Plans: Working as high school art teacher
    Round 3 Plans: Working as local news announcer
    Round 4 Location: St. Louis, MO
    Relationship: Married to Laura Jaycee Townsend Kann (28)
    Children: DD1: Karlee Alaina Kann (9), DS1: Caden Brooks Kann (8), DS2: Bryce Hayden Kann (7)

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    Amigo 1 (27): Braedon Michael Williams
    - Took a gap year in the Caribbean
    - Still working as a Handyman
    - Living in Cascade, Montana
    - Married to Myla Grace Williams nee McGill (27)
    - Daughter Whitley Rhiannon Williams is 3 years old; twins Parker Justice Williams and Kennedy Cheyenne Williams are a year old

    Amigo 2 (28): Cameron Christopher Clark
    - Went to trade school for plumbing
    - Working for internet start-up as a Graphic Designer
    - Living in San Diego, California
    - Married to Riley Callista Clark nee O’Shea
    - Daughter Liberty Brynn Clark is 3 years old

    Amigo 3 (27): Cain Ryder Astly
    - Still in the Marines
    - Stationed in San Francisco, California
    - Married to Alannah Marine Astly nee Olson (27)
    - Daughter Emersyn Grace Astly is 8 years old; Son Dakota Jordan Astly is 3 years old; Daughter Shaylee Paige Astly is a year old; Son Deacon Garrett Astly is 2 months old

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    Amigo 1
    Name: Cameron Parker Finch [28]
    R1 Plans: Joining the Marines
    R2 Location: Chicago, Illinois
    R2 Plans: In the Marines
    R3 Location: Chicago, Illinois
    R3 Plans: In the Marines
    Relationship Status: Married to Celeste Amalya Finch {Wolf} [28]
    ~ Knox Emmett Finch [infant]

    Cam+Celeste, and Knox
    Amigo 2
    Name: Josiah Rafael Shillings [27]
    R1 Plans: Taking a Gap Year in India
    R2 Location: Baltimore, Maryland
    R2 Plans: Going to College, Majoring in Social Work
    R3 Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
    R3 Plans: Joining the Coast Guard
    Relationship Status: Married to Sabrina Grace Schillings {Oswald} [27]
    ~ Hannah Emersyn Shillings [9]
    ~ Madelyn Nell Shillings [6]
    ~ Eleanor Grace Shillings (4)
    ~ Graham Martin Shillings (3)
    ~ Abigail Cecily Shillings (2)

    Joe+Sabrina, Hannah, Maddy, Elle, Graham, and Abbie
    Amigo 3
    Name: Edward Eugene Jones [27]
    R1 Plans: Working as a Flight Attendant
    R2 Location: Baltimore, Maryland
    R2 Plans: Working as a Flight Attendant
    R3 Locations: Kingston, Jamaica
    R3 Plans: Working as a Flight Attendant
    Relationship Status: Married to Aaliyah Marielle Jones {Collins} [28]
    ~ Juniper Arleigh Jones (4)
    ~ Stella Athena Jones (2)
    ~ Thadeus Alan Jones (infant)

    Eddie+Liyah, Juni, Stel, and Thad
    Teenberry//Aries//Harry Potter Nerd//Les Mis Nerd//Book Nerd in General//

    Evangeline Lilly, Elowen Safiyah, Olivia Grace
    Loryn, Iris, Elodie, Eleanor, Lennox, Hazel, Hermione, Piper, Holland, Bellamy, Nora, Fiona, Juniper, Avery, Margot, Eloise

    Oliver James, Fisher Owen,
    Franklin, Lucas, Edison, Elliott, Wesley, Lachlan, Finn, Silas, Sebastian,
    Winston, Harrison

    Paisley Grace

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    Amigo 1: Ezra Tobias Rodriguez (28)
    -R1 Plans: College, education
    -R2 plans: Marines
    -R2 location: Tokyo, Japan
    -R3 Plans: Animal shelter director
    -R3: location: Tokyo, Japan
    -Relationship: DW: Molly Susannah Debbs (28)
    —DD: Lydia Iris (3)
    —DS: Christopher DarcyKit” (nb)

    Amigo 2: Macon Alexander Syre (27)
    -R1 Plans: Gap year in Australia
    -R2 plans: college, graphic design
    -R2 location: Mexico City, Mexico
    -R3 Plans: Welder
    -R3 location: Mexico City, Mexico
    -Relationship: single
    —DS: Cooper Maurice (3)

    Amigo 3: Riley Seth Williams (28)
    -R1 Plans: Marines
    -R2 plans: Marines
    -R2 location: Dublin, Ireland
    -R3 Plans: Park ranger
    -R3 location: Dublin, Ireland
    -Relationship: DW: Evelyn Parker Crow (27)
    --DD: Jenna Maeve (7)
    --DS: Hudson Abbott (6)
    --DD: Avery Grace (5)
    — DS: Brett Chandler (3)
    Zoe. 18. Aquarius.

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