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    I was diagnosed with both anxiety and depression when I was a teenager. I was again diagnosed with post-partum depression after my youngest son was born. I have tried medication before but I didn't like the way it made me felt so I've used alternatives. I have actually found that the heightened anxiety and depression during pregnancy has made it easier for me to cope and handle situations far better when I'm not pregnant/my hormones are balanced out.
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    I have been through 5 m/c.. and have been seeing my therapist for a while now. I was really depressed and hopeless. and it was natural. I had to find someone to talk to. and it helped. a lot.
    I am now in the middle of surrogacy. and am starting to gain my happiness back. the agency I am with, wcob, is really supportive. i have told them about everything I have been through and they are really attentive to such things. it helps a lot.

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    I have never thought about my mood when I am pregnant just after when Mothering I get nervous as I may not be able to instil morals as my opinions/beliefs/morals shift (BPD). I am diagnosed with Anxiety, Dysthymia Depression, Bipolar 2 & BPD. My depression got worse with my last M/C so I am on a health kick for 1 year (birth control being used) as I gained weight during my depression where I didn't get out of bed for 6 months and my mental health was just shot, I couldn't bare going outside as I felt like they knew I was a failure.
    My GP seems to be very understanding of my mental health and wishing to TTC. My Psychologist is wonderful and I have a Nutritionist who is very supportive. I have been through many doctors (GP, Psychologists) but with my current ones I have never felt so understood and listened to and remembered by health workers, I think that is what you need to find in a Dr. I know there are meds that you can take while pregnant for mental health issues.
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