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    Changing name, part 2

    Hello fellow name lovers,

    I've posted before about changing my name from J@y to Z0e. Since then I have (almost) decided on a new last name- Bern0u, pronounced Ber-NOO. This name has personal meaning and will allow me to keep the same last initial. Could also potentially be hyphenated with my boyfriend's one-syllable last name if desired in the future.

    At this point I am just stuck on middle names- my current middle name is Emil1a, which is my mom's first name and her mom's middle name as well. I'm not sure if I want to keep this or potentially go with a variation (not Emily, open to suggestions), but if I do I still want to have a second middle... I don't plan on having kids so I feel I need to go all out with my own re-naming

    Hoping you guys can help me brainstorm. Some themes/ meanings I would like to incorporate are:
    Earth/ growth/ the color brown*
    newness/ rebirth
    pagan/ ancient gods
    (I starred the ones that are most important)

    Bonus points if my new middle(s) could be of Irish, Scottish, Spanish, or French origin.

    Names of people I'd like to honor are Murray, Rita, Gordon, Cecile, Ana, Joslyn, and Diane, if you guys think of any variations of those (Cecilia and Diana are out).

    Some ideas I've been bouncing around are Veronique, Maelle, and Brigid (not sure about the double B with my last name).

    I know this is a lot, but any ideas would be super helpful! Thank you in advance!


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    I don't think the double B with Brigid is too much of an issue! Some of the names I'm going to be suggesting won't sound good with Z0e, I'm kind of in a hurry and don't have time to check, sorry!

    Millicent (strength-related meaning, honors Emilia)
    Mildred (strength-realted meaning, honors Emilia)
    Emmeline (honors Emilia)
    Emiliana (honors Emilia)
    Milou (honors Emilia)
    Celia (honors Emilia and Cecile)
    Delia/Helia (honor Emilia)
    Muriel (water-related meaning, honors Murray)
    Meredith (water-related meaning, honors Murray)
    Meraud (water-related meaning, honors Murray)
    Merrigan (water-related meaning, honors Murray)
    Merope (bird-related meaning, honors Murray)
    Merel (bird-related meaning, honors Murray)
    Merle (bird-related meaning, honors Murray)
    Mairead (honors Murray and Rita, the latter from its meaning)
    Maura (honors Murray)
    Meara (honors Murray, water-related meaning)
    Maire (honors Murray)
    Margarita/Marguerite (honors Rita)
    Britta (strength-telated meaning, honors Rita)
    Marit (honor Rita)
    Pearl (honors Rita, from the meaning)
    London (honors Gordon)
    Golden (honors Gordon)
    Cordelia (honors Gordon)
    Cecily (honors Cecile)
    Cicely (honors Cecile)
    Sheila (honors Cecile)
    Ceil (honors Cecile)
    Lucille (honors Cecile)
    Anna (honors Ana and Diane)
    Anya (honors Ana and Diane)
    Anita (honors Ana)
    Annika (honors Ana)
    Annabelle (honors Ana)
    Annora (honors Ana)
    Annabeth (honors Ana)
    Rosanna (honors Ana)
    Liana (honors Ana)
    Anette (honors Ana)
    Anneliese (honors Ana)
    Anouk (honors Ana)
    Oona (honors Ana)
    Aine (honors Ana)
    Lana (means "little rock" if that counts as Earthy maening, honors Ana)
    Tiana (means "fairy queen" if that counts as pagan-related, honors Ana)
    Grace (honors Ana, from the meaning)
    Sanna (honors Ana)
    Dana (honors Ana and Diane)
    Vianne (honors Ana and Diane)
    Lina (honors Joslyn and maybe Ana?)
    Josephine/Josephina (honors Joslyn)
    Joanne/Jean/Joan (honors Joslyn and Diane)
    Jordan (honors Joslyn)
    Jolie (honors Joslyn)
    Josette (honors Joslyn)
    Aislyn/Aislinn (honors Joslyn)
    Roslyn/Rosaline (honors Joslyn)
    Dia (honors Diane)
    Diantha/Dianthe (same meaning and similar sound as Diane, the flower-related meaning makes me think of Earth/growth)
    Liane/Lianne (honors Diane)
    Oceane (water-related meaning, honors Diane from the spelling but not the sound)
    Caroline/Carolina/Carlotta/Carly/Charlene/Charlize/Frances/Francine/Franny/Francesca (freedom-related meanings)
    Victoria/Vittoria/Victoire/Berenice/Boudicca/Eunice/Nicasia/Nicola/Nicolette (victory-related meanings)
    Tori (related to Victoria but also means bird)
    Andarta (victory-related meaning and ancient goddess)
    Dove (bird name, could honor Diane)
    Swan (bird name, could honor Diane/Ana)
    Sparrow (bird names, could honor Murray?)
    Luna (as in Loon birds + goddess name)
    Clover (as in Plover birds)
    Aviana/Avis/Zipporah/Mavis/Palila (bird-related meanings)
    Meena (earth-related and bird-related meaning, could honor Ana)
    Gaia (earth-related meaning and ancient goddess)
    Adamina (earth-related meaning, could honor Ana)
    Afra (earth and color brown related meaning, could honor Ana)
    Hermione (earth-related meaning)
    Hestia (earth-related meaning, goddess name)
    Terra (earth-related meaning and this is a bit of a stretch but it could honor Rita)
    Tierra (earth-related meaning)
    Ilesha (earth-related meaning)
    Kiona (brown-related meaning + could honor Ana)
    Chamois (brown-related meaning)
    Sorrell (brown-related meaning)
    Dagny (new-related meaning, could honor Diane)
    Signy (new-related meaning)
    Zera (means beginnings)
    Adira (strength-related meaning)
    Melisende (strength-related meaning)
    Isa (strength-related meaning)
    Audra (strength-related meaning, could honor Ana)
    Asta (strength-related meaning, could honor Ana)
    Ebba (strength-related meaning)
    Valeria (strength-related meaning)
    Valentina/Valentine (strength-related meaning)
    Philomena (strength-related meaning)
    Thalassa (water-related meaning)
    River (water-related)
    Eyre (water-related meaning)
    Oceana/Ocean (water-related)
    Sabrina (water-related and mythological)
    Kallan (water-related meaning)
    Loire (water-related)
    Rain (water-related)
    Ria (water-related meaning)
    Locklyn (water-related meaning)
    Clio (the name of one of the Nereids, something like water-spirits in Greek mythology)
    Dione (Nereid name, honors Diane)
    Doris (Nereid name)
    Galene (Nereid name)
    Ione (Nereid name) or the similar Iona
    Maera (Nereid name)
    Tallulah (water-related meaning)
    Naida (water-related meaning from Greek mythology)
    Sonnet (music-related)
    Mavis (music-related meaning)
    Odele (music-related meaning)
    Sonata (music-related)
    Calliope (name of a Muse of Greek mythology)
    Thalia (Muse name)
    Artemis (goddess)
    Artemisia (related to Artemis)
    Athena (goddess)
    Persephone (goddess)
    Juno (goddess)
    Freya (goddess)
    Branwen (goddess)
    Iris (goddess)
    Calypso (not a goddess, but a Nymph so close enough?)
    Ceridwen (goddess)
    Minerva (goddess)
    Eris (goddess)
    Ceres (goddess)
    Demeter/Demetria/Demetra (goddess)
    Flora (goddess)
    Lucina (goddess)
    Laverna (goddess)
    Fauna (goddess)
    Cybele (goddess)
    Hebe (goddess)
    Nyx (goddess)
    Nona (goddess, could honor Ana)

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