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  • Finn Morgan H.

    27 49.09%
  • Finbarr Douglas H.

    12 21.82%
  • Finegan Bryant H.

    16 29.09%
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    Finn, Finbarr, Finnegan

    I'm really thinking that this baby is Finn. But I'm not sure yet whether he's Finn or a longer version of the name. And I'm seriously stuck on middles for Finn on it's own. My first son's middle name ended up being a family name on my husband's side with so much history, and now extra importance, that it's hard to match. Our last name starts with "hof" and ends with "ee".

    Family names for middle slot: Bryant, Meirion, Griffith, Geoffrey

    I'm wracking my brain for names that might still have significance--something Welsh to pay homage to that part of my heritage (which is where Morgan comes from--it also means "sea born" which is similar to the meaning of my name "of the sea"), maybe an important place for my family (Burton?). But nothing is ringing of "rightness" yet. We have 3 more months so maybe something will emerge, but I thought I'd ask you all for advice and ideas!

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    I love Finn! Out of your list I like Finn Morgan, but it doesn't sound like you're sold on Morgan?

    Longer versions for Finn:
    Phineas (Phinn)

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    Finley, which isn't an option. I like Meirion from your list. Rhys and Emrys are some of my favorite Welsh boy's names.
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    I had trouble choosing. I liked Finbarr most out of the fns, but wasn't as keen on middle Douglas. Ultimately I liked the combo of Finn Morgan best.
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    Why not Griffin nn Finn? My favorite of your choices would be Finnegan

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