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    Thank you for this thread, I appreciate more than I can say the opportunity to share in a supportive place.

    I got married on New Year's Eve 2016. Around October 2016, my now husband and I decided it would be good to start trying. My cycle, which had always been regular, went haywire for the couple months before our wedding. I probably shouldn't have been surprised with the extra stress, but being 35 and prone to anxiety, I worried. Thankfully, I didn't have to worry long.

    We found out on Valentine's Day 2017 we were expecting at pretty much exactly 4 weeks. I have a wonderful OB who got me in right away for confirmation blood work and an early transvaginal ultrasound, based on my age and that it was my first pregnancy. A couple weeks later around 7 weeks, I had some spotting and another early ultrasound. Baby's heart was already flickering away, it was incredible to see. We went in about a month later, at 12 weeks, and had some bloodwork for non-invasive prenatal testing, and another ultrasound where baby measured perfect and had a strong heartbeat. Two more weeks and we got a call that let us know we were having a girl. Not only a girl, but she was at little to no risk of the major trisomy disorders, like down syndrome. Our celebration and relief was, sadly, short-lived.

    I ended up a few days after that call going to the ER due to swelling and pain in my leg. I knew I was at a higher risk for bloodclots, so I didn't want to take a chance. That was a Monday morning after I worked an overnight shift. My leg ended up being fine, but my blood pressure was elevated while in the ER, so they told me to follow up with my OB.

    I went to my OB on Friday April 28th alone, expecting a quick check on my blood pressure. It was still elevated, and while my OB was putting in orders for some more tests, the nurse practitioner decided to check on our baby girl with the doppler. Several tries, and I was sent to ultrasound. There was no heartbeat, although she was measuring in correctly at 14 weeks. She passed sometime in the few days between my ER visit and my OB appointment. No bleeding or cramping.

    Finding out how rare miscarriages are after first trimester with a confirmed heartbeat, I felt so lost and alone for so long. Slowly, I began finding stories of other miscarriages and have devoured any information I can find on high risk pregnancy. I finally started to feel I wasn't alone. Through this process, I also found out I have a bicuspid aortic valve, which can make the extra blood volume of pregnancy a concern. Finally, this past February my cardiologist said definitively that the narrowing of my valve is mild enough at this point to proceed with a pregnancy, which was really good considering we hadn't been being extra careful in preventing for a couple months at that point.

    The (hopefully) happy ending to this is that on May 15th, we found out we were expecting our rainbow. Though I can't say I have been able to enjoy being pregnant over the past 5 weeks due to our history, I hang on to hope with my husband's help. We have only told one dear friend who lives half-way across the country, so we have been a bit alone in our worry. We did recieve an early ultrasound at exactly 5 weeks to check for the possibility of twins due to slightly high hcg levels on my confirmation bloodwork, but it was too early to see anything but the gestational sack. I did, just today, after several hours of spotting, get a 9 week ultrasound. I finally got some of my breath back when our little one measured perfect and had a strong heartbeat. The journey is far from over, but I have some comfort in that I only have a week until a consult with maternal fetal medicine where we will get to see baby again.

    Thanks for listening, berries!
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    I am so sorry that anyone has to be on this journey. I have had two chemical pregnancies (one before my son and one after) and @Alyssa you couldn't be more right about how confusing they are. You see the positive test but you don't feel any symptoms, never hear a heartbeat, never make an announcement... you start to wonder if it really happened, if it really "counts". It's difficult. It was so hard for me to be fully invested in my current pregnancy because of the anxiety of something going wrong again.

    I hope someday there will be more understanding and compassion to mothers who miscarry early (as in, before the 2nd trimester) instead of platitudes like "it wasn't genetically compatible" (logically I'm aware of this!) or "it's God's plan" (even as someone who believes this one just made me so angry).

    My heart breaks for anyone who has had to endure the loss of a child whether it was 5 weeks or 40 (and beyond).
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    I'm so glad this thread now exists because today marks 4 years since we lost a baby at 14 weeks. We had done several tests, listened to her very healthy heartbeat several times and had even been able to determine through a blood test and later an anatomy scan that she was a girl. Two days after that scan her little heart suddenly stopped beating and we lost her. We only noticed at my routine exam four days later because the doppler wasn't able to locate her heartbeat. They had me go for an emergency ultrasound and they confirmed she had died. She very much looked like and was a tiny baby and so like you, @kibby, I decided to "give birth" to her at the hospital. I was just too distraught to have to go through anything at home, especially with Peter and Sabina there. We named our baby Beatrice June (June because of the month we lost her and Beatrice because it's what we had been planning to name her anyway). Naming her helped at the time and it took me an entire year to get over that loss in a way to begin trying for a baby again.

    We got our BFP with Dorothy towards the end of August 2015, just after two cycles of actively trying and in the beginning it was hard for me to believe that I was pregnant and that a baby was growing healthily inside of me. During the first 7 months of the pregnancy, I had this terrible fear that I would lose her, I even had a few panic attacks throughout and had to undergo therapy once a week all over again. My poor husband was also scared I might develop postpartum depression and all that but towards February my confidence that everything would work out and that my baby would live grew and it was then that I managed to finally start decorating the nursery part of our bedroom and pouring over names. And then, I think in March, my husband and I couldn't agree on any names and I joined Nameberry.

    My pregnancy with Bruno was completely different than the one with Dorothy. I think the fact that hers ended perfectly and she turned out beautiful and completely healthy did my confidence wonders. Being pregnant with Bruno was a piece of cake in comparison and even now, he is the calmest and sweetest of all my babies. He didn't take long to sleep through the night, took to the pacifier like a champ, barely cried and even in the colics and teething phases he was brilliant. And now the little rascal is crawling about and beginning to stand and soon he'll be running around and driving me mad.

    But despite everything, Dorothy and Bruno or any other baby will never replace Beatrice June in my heart. She's my child in heaven and in my heart, I have 5 children, not 4. I miss her every day and always wonder what she would look like, if she would love mashed potatoes like her sisters or hate lettuce. What her favorite color would be, if she would like glitter and sparkles like Sabina or be shy like her brother Peter. She would be 3 years old and about to start preschool in September now... It breaks my heart that I'll never be able to see her grow like I do her siblings.
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    It warms my heart that so many of you find this thread to be helpful. It’s so tough to go through these things alone, especially as very few of us are open about our struggles and the pain involved.

    I have been laying low lately, officially no longer pregnant, I had my D&C on Wednesday and now just picking up the pieces and figuring out where to go from here.

    For those of you that keep trying and had successful pregnancies, or even more losses, how did you manage to get up the courage to keep trying? I am hoping I can try again in August depending on test results and everything else... but I am terrified to lose a 4th pregnancy this year, and part of me feels that if it happens again, I won’t want to risk another and give up on naturally carrying a child. I am running through options in my head of what happens next in our lives if that’s the case. Right now my heart hurts just thinking about it.

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    I had a slightly differnet scenario. I use to be quite active on the board a few years back and then I kind of dropped off about a year and a half ago when my husband and I were in a rough spot.
    I found out I was pregnant while I was travelling for work. Completely unplanned. I called my husband and told him because I wasn't going to be home for two more weeks and couldn't stay quiet the whole time.
    His first response was "Let's keep our options open". I cried. Hard.
    We're better after much counseling with our own relationship, but our finanical situation has done a 180 from where we had been two years ago when my husband was enlisted.
    When I got home he told me he in no way shape or form wanted to be a father right now and wasn't sure if he ever wanted to be a father. That was news to me, he spent six years talking about how badly he wanted a child. Ideal timing or not. After another week of arguing, budgeting, and stress I had a D&E at 7 weeks.
    I was heartbroken. I knew that for my situation, I made the right call. My marriage would not survive a child with how strongly my husband no longer wants to be a father, we are struggling financially and even with both of us working two jobs there's still a lot of month at the end of the money. My parents are not supportive of me having a child anyway due to my depression and anxiety.
    My husband doesn't understand why I was so upset or why it's taken me six weeks to be able to have a conversation with him about it. To him, it wasn't anything worth being upset over. I'm conflicted and confused on how to mourn a child that I chose not to carry. I never heard a heartbeat or saw an ultrasound but I had all these dreams of holding my child in my arm that will no longer happen.
    I hold no ill will towards my husband over it. It was a decision that as heart breaking as it is, was the best decision I could make. I don't regret doing it. I just wish the circumstances had been more favorable to carrying this child.
    If we ever have a child is a seperate discussion, although he's said he doesn't care what the circumstances are, he will never ask me to go through it again after seeing how much emotional pain it's caused.

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