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    Exclamation Which one would be a better first name?

    What do you think?
    I’m essentially trying to find which one sounds classier or more regal or elegant for a first name and then the other one will just follow as the middle name.

    We have Elizabeth and Genevieve. So if we use Genevieve for a first name Elizabeth will be used for the middle and vice versa

    So what do you guys like better:

    Elizabeth Genevieve


    Genevieve Elizabeth

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    I think Elizabeth Genevieve flows better, but I prefer the name Genevieve.

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    I prefer Genevieve as a first name. Genevieve Elizabeth is beautiful, imo.
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    I also prefer Genevieve Elizabeth. I love Genevieve, I think it’s a beautiful name.
    Thinking about....

    Julian Henry, Rowan John
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    Leila Annabelle, Lucia Daisy,
    Sophie Genevieve
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    Another vote for Genevieve Elizabeth. Lovely!

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