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Thread: Norah vs Nora

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    Norah vs Nora

    I am a longtime fan of the name Norah, it is our top contender for a future girl if we have one.

    Being British I have always known the name as Norah (a la Norah Jones), but here on the boards it seems like Nora is the more traditional spelling and definitely the more common US spelling.

    Which do you prefer? I'm expecting a high proportion of Nora's from US berries so also, do you mind the Norah spelling as an alternative? The H just feels more complete to me, but maybe it's just what I'm used to seeing.

    I pronounce it exactly the same way.
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    I like both to be honest and if you think Norah looks more complete, go for that
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    Both are good. Norah is a fine spelling. Norah June would be a cute combo.
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    Norah is one of the few names I prefer with an "H" at the end.
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    I love both, honestly! This is one of the very, very few names where I think both spellings are acceptable.

    I think my vote would go for Norah, though. I think the H makes it look more complete and even fun, if that makes sense.

    For reference, I am a US berry. I know a couple of girls by the name of Nora and they spell it that way.

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