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  • Louis

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    Quote Originally Posted by imza View Post
    I prefer Oscar as I like the thought of having a less used name also. But then I live in France where Louis is more popular than Oscar... Also as mentioned in the other post, I would shy away from Louis as it is the name of the new royal baby.

    Also... I really mean it: my second boy (aged 2) is an Oscar! But it's pretty rare over here!
    What a terrific choice! And I bet your little Oscar is absolutely adorable to match his name It's a bonus that there aren't too many other Oscars around!!!!

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    With the new royal baby, Louis will surely be on the rise. (A la Charlotte). I know a handful, but Oscar feels much less common.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymakesthree View Post
    With the new royal baby, Louis will surely be on the rise. (A la Charlotte). I know a handful, but Oscar feels much less common.
    Hi there babymakesthree,

    Thank you kindly for your insight and for your experiences with both names. As with a previous poster, could I please ask which country you're based?

    Statistics seem to be quite different here in Australia (or my area, at least) where I'm finding the opposite with recent naming trends and bumping into way more little Oscars of late.

    Hard to believe, but I'm yet to meet a little Louis in my area and that definitely adds to the appeal of the name for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by wittyusername103 View Post
    Out of your two options I went Louis but I don't think either go -

    Kenneth (Addie and Kenny are cute nicknames together)
    Thank you for your suggestions. There are some lovely choices here. I just don't want to add more to the mix again. DH is already frustrated enough about my indecisiveness! LOL x

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    I voted for Louis. As a teacher, there are so many Oscars where I’m based (Sydney). Louis would stand out more as does Adelaide. The only thing is you will probably get ‘oh Louis like the royal name’ quite a bit!
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