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    Still looking for opinions.

    Hi berries! A week ago I came to ask you guys for some help with names. My little sister just joined me here and her name is VERY hard to get right in english (it's Thais, pronounced tie-EES) and her school allows her to choose a new one to make it easier for her to navigate school. So before school starts, I came here to ask for you suggestions and I'm here again to ask for further help. This is what we like, what we can't use and what she doesn't like at all. We're open for new suggestions and votes on what you think is best.

    We like:
    Taylor (it's growing on her but she doesn't fit Taylor AT ALL), Elise, Taya, Louise, Isla (but our last name starts with Louder, idk if that would work well, what do you say?), Eloise (I like this one more than she does).

    She doesn't like:
    Reese (in her own words: "I can't say the first letter"), Therese and Teresa follow the same path, she has a hard time with R's in the middle of words because the english sound of R is hard for her and, as we're looking for something to make her life easier, R's in the beginning or middle is a no-no.
    Denise (our mother's name, she thinks it's weird)
    Thea, Tyla, Tyra, Tyler, Tracy, Tabitha, and Tia.
    Tessa, apparently it sounds like forehead in our first language? It doesn't but I'm not going against her lol
    Tatum, too close to a bug in our first language, I get her.
    Elsie (she does like Elsa though, thanks Disney)
    Thalia/Talia, one of our cousins is Talia.
    Isa (though she likes Izzie)
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    Since she struggles with English r's, Taylor probably isn't the best choice.
    Taya, Isla, Elsa and Elise are all lovely and simple enough, and feel like they carry at least a remnant of her given name.
    She could pick any of these and they would work great, I think it depends on what she likes best or feels most comfortable hearing. I would try calling her by one of these names for a day or two to see how she feels.

    Would Twila be something she would like?
    Or Talise?
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    Endymion Leopold, Viridian Apollo, Hyperion?

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    I think Thea.

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    I hope the school isn’t asking her to find a nickname so it easier for “other people”. Thais is a beautiful and relatively easy name to pronounce. Thais! Thais! Thais!

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    It sounds like you have a good list. I think Elise works nicely on a young person with your last name but what matters is what will make your sister happy and comfortable, whether it is her given name or a new one. It is good of you to be helping her. The suggestion of trying out possible names for a day or two is a good one. Best wishes to your family!
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