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  • Hugo & Gus

    10 13.89%
  • Hugo & August

    17 23.61%
  • Hugo & Arthur

    22 30.56%
  • Hugo & Oscar

    23 31.94%
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    Lightbulb Twin Boys: what is the best combo

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the input on my previous post. It was really helpful.

    We have decided to definately go with Hugo, so want a good pairing. Please let me know what you think sounds like the best twin-set !!

    We are wanting masculine, sophisticated, classic but fresh sounding.
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    I voted Arthur but was torn between August and Arthur.
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    This was tough, but I actually really love Hugo and Oscar together. I think it's cute they both share a hard "O" sound to their names. I also think this twin combo is less heard of compared to Hugo and Gus.

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    I really love Hugo and Oscar together. A really perfect pair!

    I know you have a deep love of Gus which left me a bit torn when voting but comparatively it just isn't as well suited to Hugo (but that doesn't mean you couldn't still use it!)
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    I nearly voted Hugo and August but Hugo and Oscar won in the end! Love them together and separately!
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