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  • Ramsay Philip

    44 60.27%
  • Bennett Philip

    29 39.73%
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    I love Ramsay!!! And I think it sounds great with Phillip.

    I see Ram and Remi/Remy have already been suggested, those were the only ones I could think of that sounded good.
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    I like your front-runner! And Ray was going to be my suggestion too — love it.
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    Ramsay Phillip is brilliant! I love the suggestion of Ray as a nickname
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    I think Ramsey is almost nickname-proof which is a good thing, I think. I really do like both Ramsey and Bennett and if he looks more like a Bennett I would still use it with Philip in the middle. We seldom say our first and middle names together and there are names that have may a slightly better flow but I wouldn't toss names you love for that reason as they are fine together.

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    I love the suggestions of Ram, Ray and Remi/Remy as nicknames for Ramsay! Ramsay Philip definitely has the best flow but Bennett is a nice name and a great choice if he doesn't look like a Ramsay.
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