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    Need Opinions on these Floral Names!

    Hiya berries! So, with your suggestions and with some research of my own I've come up with a new name list and could really feel like I need your help to sift through them and see which ones are better. This time around, I really want to go with a first name that fits better with Larkspur, because at this point I think her names sticks out in comparison to her siblings' more cohesive and classic first names.

    Amaryllis: My trouble with this one is the Mary wedged in the middle, though it doesn't have the "Mary" pronunciation. I have a Theda Rosemary and Maria Marigold already... Would it be overkill?

    Primrose: I love this one but would it be too repetitive since I have a daughter who's middle name is Rosemary?

    Clementine: I'm beginning to fall in love with Clementine but worry it's still too tame in comparison to Larkspur.

    Ornella: Awesome name, beautiful imagery, but other than the prospect of nickname Nell, doesn't excite me as much.

    Delphine: Not precisely floral, but I think it's more a person's name than Delphinium. Could be a fun way to link this baby's name with Larkspur since they're different names for the same flower.

    Camellia: I love Camellia because the flower is gorgeous and I love the Lady of the Camellias, Violetta from La Traviata and Camille, the movie.

    Lavender: Am loving Lavender more and more, but slightly concerned it's too similar in sound to Larkspur, repeating initials is perfectly okay for us if it's the right name.

    Magnolia: I love Magnolia, always have. The floral tree, the fragrance and Steel Magnolias, both versions. I love it!

    Petunia: Has been a GP for years, but who knows, mine could be the first Petunia in generations lol.

    Calendula: I absolutely love Calendula. It's a lovely and simple little flower, bright yellow and orange. I have loved this name for a long time!

    Another name I find myself liking a lot but which isn't particularly floral is Belphoebe.

    Help me out once again berries?
    hugo vincent - larkspur cynthia - jasper wyatt
    theda rosemary - maria marigold - rupert willow
    & wilhelmina tulip

    philomena tulip - chrysanthemum clara - gardenia cleo
    zenobia blossom - octavia tigerlily - agnes periwinkle
    aurelia dandelion - poppy philomena - sylvie nightingale

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    Ooh, you have got some great options!!! I have always liked Amaryllis and truly would never have noticed the repetition of "mar." I think this one works really well with the sibset, actually. I am starting to love Clementine too but I would agree that Larkspur is a little more unexpected. Camellia is my other favorite. The only downside might be confusion with Camilla, but I could definitely live with that to get Camellia. I like Lavender but I tend to agree it is just a little too similar to Larkspur. Magnolia is maybe a little closer to Maria's full name than I would prefer. Overall my two favorites for you are Amaryllis and Camellia. Good luck!

    Edit: Originally I thought Delphine wasn't "floral enough" but hearing all the love for it, plus the connection to Larkspur's name, makes me love this one for you as well.
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    Belpheobe is actually a really cool name, kinda quirky but lovely!

    I also like Petunia, Magnolia and Delphine.

    IMO Amaryllis and Primrose may be too close to your other girls names.

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    I like Camellia and Delphine best, just from their sounds.

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