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    Such a gorgeous list of names! I have a weakness for more unusual floral names
    I wouldn't worry about a first name being too similar to another child's middle name. Maybe Ornella is my favorite from your list; it's so unexpected and interesting and lovely.

    Here are some of my favorites in this category:
    - Hyacinth, as the previous poster mentioned; sooo pretty!
    - Freesia; it has such an evocative, spirited feel to it.
    - Delphinium; which I know you considered but didn't care for in its entirety: I love it with the nickname Finn. If you're not a nicknamer than I probably wouldn't use it.
    -Begonia; reminds me of Petunia, only I prefer it slightly.

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    Camellia!!! It's one of my favorites and so underused.
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    What about a gemstone name? Amethyst would be SPECTACULAR with Larkspur. So would Sapphire.

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    This is so tough! I think Lavender is my favorite. So delicate and lovely. Or Delphine!
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    What about Garnet? I like the idea of a gemstone name, as @bjoy suggested. Garnet and Larkspur are both equally rich, and both have almost a mysterious, dreamy vibe imo. They are also both evocative of a color (blue/red respectively). Opal would be nice, too.

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