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    Primrose and Delphine are my favourites for you — just lovely! Clementine also works really well.

    Lavender is gorgeous but I think too close to Larkspur, and Magnolia I feel is a little close to Maria, especially taking her middle name into account.

    Personally, I find the others pretty but rather too frilly and fussy for your set. I know your Theda is Theodora in full, but though long and feminine that still has a really spunky, headstrong vibe to me.

    I like some of your middle name options from your signature a lot with this set — Bluebell and Maple especially. Or how about:

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    My favorites are Belphoebe and Clementine - I think Amaryllis and Primrose are close to sisters names

    Amaranth - I don't know if -mar- will be a problem here but since it is quirky compared to Amaryllis it will balance Larkspur nicely

    Belemir - not a Western name I know but finding a Turkish flower name that actually sounds like a name is really hard
    Belle-eh-meer is how it is said and I think both Belle and Miri will make good nicknames, it means Cornflower

    Dianella - a name for flax lily and I love this name a lot. I love both Diana and Diane maybe that's the reason?

    Jonquil - if you love daffodils but don't like Daffodil or Narcissa/Narcissus then Jonquil is a great name to consider

    Lunaria - is a name for money plant and it is a better name than money plant too - feels like it is a mixture of Luna and Aria two names that got popular a lot due to book characters

    Matthiola - Magnolia is nice but I would love to talk about this gem here, with Dianella and Lunaria these three are part of my GP name list, I love Mimosa too !

    Ruellia - for Ruellia Tuberosa or Tubrose which has an amazing smell - sadly Sümbülteber can not cross international boundaries

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    @elifsu: Belemir, Jonquil, and Ruellia are gorgeous!!! I hope to hear them more often on NB.
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    Amaryllis - I don't think the "mary" part is an issue here, since it doesn't have the same pronunciation as in Rosemary or Maria. Would be a nice fit with Larkspur.

    Primrose - A hair too repetitive, IMO. It also has the same compound structure as Larkspur, but isn't as adventurous or interesting. Maybe as a middle?

    Clementine - I don't think it's too tame in comparison to Larkspur at all! It probably feels tame-er to you than it is because it's such a favorite here on the forums, but out in the real world it would be more striking.

    Ornella - I'm the opposite of you, I find this one soooo exciting! Would be stunning with your kids' names—I like that it's botanical like Larkspur, an unusual -A name like Theda, but has that "Nell" part which is classic enough to match Maria. The total package, IMO.

    Delphine - Would be great with your kids' names, though you're right that it doesn't read as botanical. You might also get some "Delphine LaLaurie" remarks if you're in the US.

    Camellia - Another one that would be great with your kids' names. Similar to Ornella, it's a good mix of classic sounds while being unusual and striking as a name.

    Lavender - Yep, it's too close to Larkspur. Maybe as a middle name?

    Magnolia - I love it, but find it too close to Maria with the matching beginnings and endings. Are you at all fond of nn form Nola? Nola has a similar "calm, sophisticated and mysterious" vibe to Theda.

    Petunia - Would be a great option if not for the horrible aunt in the Harry Potter series. I can't picture anything else when I hear it, not even the flower!

    Calendula - Very cool, but might be too cool. I think people know how to say Larkspur, but with Calendula it's not as clear which syllable to emphasize. I'd keep it MN only.

    And Belphoebe is a long-time love of mine that would be excellent with your kids' names. Maybe you could use a botanical middle to link it to Larkspur?

    Favorites for you: Ornella, Camellia, Belphoebe
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    My favorites are Amaryllis and Primrose, as they have a similar level of quirkiness to Larkspur for me. I don't think the repetitions of Rose and Mary are a big deal, since Mary is so different in pronunciation in Amaryllis and Rosemary is a separate plant from Primrose. I like Lavender but it is very similar to Larkspur with the same beginning and ending sounds. I also think Hyacinth would be a good one to consider. It repeats "cinth" from Cynthia but that could be a nice sisterly tie. Hyacinth Camille?
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