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    Unisex vs. Soft sounding masculine names?

    I am not a big fan of unisex names. Nothing to do with the patriarchy, just not my style. However, I do tend to like some softer sounding boy names. Do you consider these names male or unisex? Also, do you think in the next decade any of these will be used equally for girls and boys or more for girls?

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    I would consider all of these male, with the exception of Lane, which I think is pretty unisex, but I definitely prefer it for a boy. Jesse almost seems kind of unisex but has a female counterpart, Jessie; I personally would only use Jesse as a boys name, and Jessie as a girls name. I think Reid will continue to be used pretty much only for boys. I can see Lane and Jude rising for girls, not sure where they currently sit on the charts for either gender...they could possibly be pretty close to equally ranked for both. I don't think Elliott, Jonah, or Jesse will gain much traction on the girls side.

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    I think those names are very masculine. I think it will be more used on girls, but I think they’ll remain very masculine. Except Jesse, not in spelling but in pronounciation, it sound like Jessie which is pretty feminine to me

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    I prefer them all for boys but I know some are being used for girls and I expect will rise in use for them. Elliot, Lane and Jude. I don't consider Jesse unisex but it can be a nickname for girl names like Jessica, Jessa, Jessamine, etc. Reid and Jonah I think are safe. For now. But honestly, naming trends are hard to predict. We're 1 female celebrity named Jonah away from that being the next big thing. Use the name you love and try not to worry about who else is using it and for who. Good luck and congratulations!
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    Also except Lane read predominantly male to me, but I know that that Jude and Elliot are occasionally used on girls, and Jessie with the "i" is usually female.
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