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    Changing name of 4 year old?

    Okay so I am officially taking the next few months to strongly consider changing my daughter's first name.
    Currently: Aurora Virginia Ryan
    Change to: Monroe Virginia Ryan

    Reasons Not To Change:
    1. Maybe will cause confusing identity issues for my daughter?
    2. Lots of paperwork
    3. Awkward explanations to lots of places (daycare) and people (family)
    4. Her dad may not approve (we are divorced)
    5. It's not about what I like anymore. She is her own person, so it's about what she likes. She tells me she likes Monroe but she's 4... I don't think she cares...?

    Reasons To Change:
    1. Monroe was my favorite name when I was pregnant with her, but soon after we found out I was pregnant we moved to a city called Monroe. I thought it would be weird to name her after the town we lived in. We don't live there anymore.
    2. I feel like her current name is really difficult to say. I have gotten used to it but a lot of people have a hard time saying her name.
    3. The biggest reason of all: 99% of the time she goes by her nick name: Rory. Rory is the name she's learned to write, learned to spell, and it's how she introduces herself. I feel like this won't change with a name change to Monroe.
    4. It's not about what I like anymore. She is her own person, so it's about what she likes. She tells me she likes Monroe but she's 4... I don't think she cares...? (yes this is the same reason as #5, above. I'm trying to say that she doesn't care yet so maybe now would be a good time to do it before she starts kindergarten and truly identifies with her full name).

    What do you think??
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    I wouldn't in all honesty. She goes by Rory so maybe just introduce her as Rory now, it's easy to say and if that's what she goes by then just call her Rory. Is she begging you every day to call her Monroe or are you the one who is wanting to change her name because you like your old favorite more?
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    I wouldn't do it at this age. It would just be confusing to everyone, I think, especially to her. And at this age what you like changes so quickly, so while she likes Monroe now she might not like it in a few weeks. She's used to Aurora, I'd just leave her be Aurora.
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    It's a little too late.

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    I think Rory is a great nickname for Aurora, so let her be Rory for now, and when she gets older she can be in a better position to decide if she wants to change Aurora.
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