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    Exclamation Thoughts On Severn?

    There are entries for Severin, Severus, and even Severo. (I'm starting to have a fever for names that start with -SEV) BUT NO SEVERN!

    What are your thoughts on this name? I find it oddly handsome, specially for a middle name.
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    It looks like it is misspelled or made up - sorry, I think Severin is better with the i in there - and reminds me severim which means I love in Turkish. But Severo is really cool too !

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    I agree with the above poster, I wasn't sure if Severn was a misspelling. Why not just Sev?
    Apparently in the Turkish language it means something along the lines of "love" and "giftedly"?

    Also, Sevrin - it's shorter than Severin but feels more complete IMO than Severn.

    If you can steer away from the SEV - Soren might be a good alternative.

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    Severn is the name of a suburb of Annapolis, Maryland. Since I am not a fan of place names, I dislike Severn (it probably doesn't matter to most people, but considering that Severn, MD is only about 40 minutes away from me it is too close.)

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    I like it, but then I’m a Leicestershire native so the name of the local river feels very familiar to me.

    I also like Severin and the suggestion of Sevrin.
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