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    Casper John is here!

    We welcomed Casper John on June 10th! Casper joins big sister Adelaide Gray. I was reminded of the name Casper here on Nameberry several years ago and it made its way to my long list when we were expecting our first it 2016. My husband only kind of liked it then....and this time around, it was the only boy name he liked to go with middle name John that honors his father. It seems to suit him perfectly and we love how it pairs with big sister's name!

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    Oh, how I love Casper! Many congratulations on your beautifully named boy.
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    Congratulations! Casper John is stunning and so is Adelaide Gray!
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    Oh, I love Casper John! It's so very handsome and sweet. I'm really happy to see Casper being used too, I think it's the cutest!

    Adelaide Gray is also beautiful, and her little brothers name fits so perfectly with hers!!
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    What a fabulous choice. Congratulations!
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