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Thread: Twin Boys

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    Twin Boys

    I never imagined I would be posting for thoughts on names for twins!

    Our first son is Shea Sullivan A———.

    We are expecting twin boys at the end of August. Naming them has been a battle, but I think we’ve agreed upon something!

    What do you think of:
    Jensen Patrick
    Drew Henry

    .... the other front runners were Turner James & Jensen Drew.

    We aren’t sharing the names with our families so the Berries are all I’ve got
    Thanks in advance for any/all replies.
    Mama to Shea Sullivan -
    August 11, 2016

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    I really like your 2 top picks. I think they fit nicely with your other boy's name.

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    I like your picks! Shea, Jensen and Drew sound great together. I also like Turner James, but I think you've got a good lineup as is
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    I agree with above, I think Shea, Jensen and Drew work really well together. And I also like the flow with your middle name choices. Well done.

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    I think all your names sound very good with Shea. I slightly prefer Jensen and Turner together, but Jensen and Drew is very handsome too. Good Luck!
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