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Thread: Too flouncy?

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    Too flouncy?

    I’d love to hear some thoughts on Rafaela?

    It’s longer and more feminine than my usual taste - I tend to go for names that are definitely ‘girl’ but that lean towards the shorter and snappier end of things, especially as our last name is long.

    But Rafaela is a family name on my husband’s side (any future baby would have Italian citizenship) and I’m really liking it! I also really like Rafi/Raffi as a nn. Actually the family name is either Raffaella/Rafaella but I prefer it without any extra letters. Our daughter is Margot Josephine.

    Rafaela Blythe
    Rafaela Bess
    Rafaela Grace

    Does Rafaela/Rafi work with Margot? And does anyone have any more short and sharp (but not nicknamey) middle name options?

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    I wouldn’t expect it as a sister for Margot, but it doesn’t NOT work. Margot and Rafi is pretty cute

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    I think Rafaela Blythe is gorgeous! I prefer it as Raffaella, though.
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    It totally works! Rafaela is such a great name

    I also adore the Rafaela Blythe combination

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    I think it’s a great name! I like it with Margot, too! They actually conjur similar imagery for me (European, sophisticated, spirited, classic but contemporary-sounding).

    I don’t know if you’ll appreciate the alliteration or not, but I thought of Raphaela Wren.

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