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    Favorite Outrageous Names

    What are your favorite outrageous names that you fancy but wouldn't actually use?
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    Tigerlily or Bluebird

    Alice Marigold. Beatrix Daisy. Birdie Florence. Clementine Jean. Tallulah Pearl. Mae Dorothy. Tillie Victoria.

    Atticus Grey. Barnaby Wilder. Bo Hawthorne. Henry Atlas. Jasper Wyatt. River Otis. Sullivan Fox.

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    Huckleberry, Cotton, Draco, Antigone, Modesty, Sparrow, Galilee. I'm more willing to use some of these as middle names.

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    Silence - I love this name for a girl! I also love Silêncio ("silence" in Portuguese), but I suspect that it actually has some usage after Mary, Our Lady of Silence.
    Brave, Heart and Bluejay are also nice.
    Oh! My newest middle name love is Songbird!
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    I seen these names and loved them. I would use these as middle names.

    -Future Names-
    Gage Elias Wolf * Sunshine Ophelia Rain
    Jagger Ashby * Cesslee Amara Skye
    Pirate Calder Bram * Greer Anastasia
    Dylan Sebastian Cruz * Evan Leonna
    Declan Cooper * Jordyn Aryah
    Griffin Anders * Sawyer Willamina Blaze

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