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    What are some posh and lower class sounding girl names in your country?

    What are some posh/upper class and lower class sounding girl names in your country?

    Thank you for your help.

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    I’m from the US...posh would probably be names that are popular in Britain (a George, Oliver, Theodore, Louis, Reuben) lower class would be made up spellings and made up names (Mckinzley, Nevaeh, Kamryn)

    Little Lads
    Casper David Wolf
    Asa Wilder Jude
    Hugo Emrys Wells

    Little Lassies
    Elowen Magnolia Noor
    Felicity Bryn Marlowe
    Aurelia Maeve Indie

    Honor names italisized

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    Anything 'made up' or with an alternative spelling is probably considered lower class (or 'bogan' as we say here in Australia). I would also include modern, word names.

    Posh would probably be traditional, British aristocratic names. But as much of these are on trend at the moment I think it would be less defined as a category.

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    For the Netherlands, "upper class" girl namds would be longer, slightly French names like Juliette, Anne-Sophie, Isabelle, Charlotte... lower class to me are mostly names borrowed from English/American media, can't come up with any girl examples right now but Kevin was definitely that for the 90s and in the current era Jayden is very populad.

    For Spain posh names are mostly longer and older sounding as well... Paloma, Carlota, Cayetana, Amelia, Eugenia for example. "Lower class" makes me think of Anglo names such as Jessica and Jennifer in a Spanish context (including more phonetic spellings such as Yesica and Jenifer) and for the current generation, Basque and Canarian names used by people outside of those cultures, like Yaiza, Naiara or Nerea (like my username... I confess to always having loved this name in spite of that haha)

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    I'm from Greece, here upper class are either Ancient Greek names (especially on girls, on boys not so much) or names that sound foreign (I know an Amelia, something very rare here)
    Lower class names would be any girl name ending in -o and nicknames that are common in villages here... Poppy, Tula, Sula, Margalo, Marjorie (Greek pronunciation), Marika, Lakis (boy), Mitsos (boy) etc
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