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    New nicknames for old/ old favourite names?

    Sunny as a nickname for Susan is such a great idea (from an earlier thread) that I was wondering what other unexpected nickname pairings are floating around to revive the appeal of well-loved or classic girl's names?

    True for Trudy or even Gertrude? Zazie for Elizabeth? I was trying to think of some fresh nicknames on the level of awesome that is Sunny-for-Susan for other mid-century names (Barbara, Patricia, Denise, Theresa), but coming up blank. Does anyone have any favourites or ideas along the Sunny/Susan lines?
    current top ten

    Joan | Marion | Ines | Winifred | Aphra | Susannah | Maud | Hermione | Lark | Eleanor

    Roger | Jerome | Chester | Fergus | Archibald | Hugh | Griffith | Blaise | Cathal | Ivo

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    I have Cornelia nn Coco on my list, which I think is cute.

    arthur theodore jack & matilda rose juno.
    rue & lola. art & poesy.

    edmund peregrine james ۰ kit lysander poet ۰ caspian asa lupin
    hugo barnaby wilder ۰ percival firenze luna ۰ fox aleksander indigo
    remy ۰ loki ۰ lupe ۰ wilde/bono ۰ percy/vali ۰ skander

    violet dorothy sybil ۰ beatrix alma luna ۰ nuala beatrix honeywild
    maeve carmen yasmin ۰ elspeth cordelia thisbe ۰ juno miriam lux
    dora ۰ lala ۰ una ۰ mae ۰ essie/coco ۰ juni

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    Susan nn Sunny is so cool and I'm not sure I can top it but I've tried to think of a couple

    Nicole/Nicola - Nixie (One of my faves)
    Elizabeth - Billie, Lily
    Barbara - Bea, Birdie, Bambi
    Patricia - Reese, Pax
    Karen - Ren/Wren
    Pamela - Mila
    Christine - Cricket, Kit
    Beverly - Ever
    Linda - Indie
    Jennifer - Effie, Fife
    Melissa - Mila, Misty, Mitzi
    Deborah - Rory, Bo

    Not sure they're as good as Susan 'Sunny' though
    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Delphine|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Tristan Felix|Arlo Forrest|Jude Ezra|Everett Isaiah

    🌊Cordelia Seren|Maren Izarra|Nerissa Estelle|Ocean Astraea 🌟
    More combos!

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    Little Lads
    Asa Bellamy Wolf
    Hugo Wilder Finnegan
    Soren Emrys David
    Casper Griffin Jude

    Little Lassies
    Elowen Magnolia Bryn
    Felicity Rowan Maeve
    Juniper Freya Violet
    Aurelia Marlowe Iris

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