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    CAF - Beatrix Potter Fans #3

    Help the Beatrix Potter-loving family name their kids with names of Beatrix Potter characters and important people in her life. (Parents names are NSRN)

    LN: Tudor, Baeten, Sendak

    DH: Jude, Lebron, Alfred, Brutus, Caleb, Lew
    DW: Sumi, Alba, Laurel, Lily, Matilda, Cate

    DD: Margery, Duchess, Tabitha, Wren, Tiggy, Winifred
    DS: Thomas, Bo, McDonald, Newton, Alderman, Jack
    DS: Drake, O'Bower, Simon, Eric, Sharp, Brown
    DD: Kitty, Tabby, Babbitty, Goody, Chippy, Netticoat
    DD: Susan, Ribby, Kitten, Penny, Fleecy, Goldielocks
    DD: Dorcas, Sarah-Polly, Anna-Maria, Stephanie, Milly, Dawe, Ginger
    DS: Heelis, Alexander, Ralph, Barnabas, Town, Kep
    DS: Hutton, Wren, Timmy-Willie, Chippy, Piperson, Louie
    DS: Sim, Timmins, Burton, John, Arthur, Nutkin

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    DH: Caleb Jude Sendak
    DW: Laurel Matilda {Tudor} Sendak

    DD: Winifred Tabitha Sendak
    DS: Thomas Jack Sendak
    DS: Simon Eric Sendak
    DD: Kitty Netticoat Sendak
    DD: Penny Susan Sendak
    DD: Milly Ginger Sendak
    DS: Alexander Town Sendak
    DS: Hutton Louie Sendak
    DS: Burton Arthur Sendak

    Caleb + Laurel Sendak
    Winnie, TJ, Simon, Kitty, Penny, Milly, Alex, Hutt, + Burt Sendak
    ‣ jessica •
    ‣ 27, bostonian •
    ‣ aspiring mental health professional •
    ‣ names, books, musicals, soccer, languages, & travel •

    lauren elizabeth⎰sophie jane⎰grace audrey
    lilia adele⎰abilene julia⎰millicent felicity

    alexander david⎰nathaniel isaiah⎰lincoln joseph
    archer grey⎰kieran louis⎰madison gage

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    Loki Land
    LN: Sendak

    DH: Alfred Jude Sendak
    DW: Alba Cate Sendak

    DD: Winifred Duchess Sendak
    DS: Alderman McDonald Sendak
    DS: Brown Drake Sendak
    DD: Chippy Goody Sendak
    DD: Penny Ribby Sendak
    DD: Sarah-Polly Dorcas Sendak
    DS: Town Kep Sendak
    DS: Timmy-Willie Wren Sendak
    DS: Arthur John Sendak

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    LN: Tudor

    DH: Alfred Caleb
    DW: Lily Matilda

    DD: Margery Wren
    DS: Jack Thomas
    DS: Eric Simon
    DD: Kitty Netticoat
    DD: Penny Susan
    DD: Stephanie Dorcas
    DS: Alexander Barnabas
    DS: Louie Hutton
    DS: Arthur John
    Lydia Ruth, Anna Frances, Caroline Esther, Nina Marian, Elizabeth Sadie
    Isaac Maxwell, Maxwell Robert, Henry Francis, Jonathon Paul, Patrick Lee, Paul Richard, Thomas Joel

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    Far North Queensland
    23. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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