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    For a girl, I like Rose, Amelia or Emilia.

    Frederick is as my prediction for Prince Louis and I still really like it. I think Philip will be a middle name of it’s a boy.

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    I think they’ll go more old Hollywood or classy European than necessarily Royal- something like

    Sophia Grace Diana
    Isabella Diana Alice

    I think Diana will feature but as a middle.

    I think it’s a girl, but if I had to wager on a boy I’d go for something like

    Oscar William Charles

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    Aha, I’ve realised this is what I would name the baby not a prediction! Sorry!

    In that case -

    Celeste Alice May ⭐️

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    I’d name their baby Theodore Henry David or Eleanor Diana Catherine

    I don’t think they’d use these, though. That’s just what I would do.

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    This is a what I would name the Sussex baby, but it's also my prediction.

    Boy: Alexander Philip Charles
    Girl: Alexandra Diana Dorothea

    I’m betting Meghan and Harry will be drawn to the meaning of Alexander/Alexandra (defending men). The name also isn’t currently in use by anyone in the extended royal family and honors Queen Elizabeth, whose middle name is Alexandra.

    I also think there is a possibility that the names Augustus or Fredrick could be used somewhere. Both names belonged to the first Duke of Sussex. I note this because the Cambridge’s used the name George, which has a history of use within that Dukedom… though George was clearly named primarily for King George VI.
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    I think something like Esmeralda Diane would be nice, or for a boy maybe Aidan Charles, it's not super regal sounding, but we all know Meghan is definitely not a traditional royal and it would be fitting if she wanted to break the norm.
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    I doubt they will use royal name, but I can see both using decent name.

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    I really like Dorothea as well, and Diana Dorothea pays homage to both grandmothers!

    If looking for a male version, maybe they could use Dorian.

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