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    What would you name a potential royal baby?

    If you were picking a name for Harry and Meghan's baby, what would you choose?

    For a boy I'd use: James Vincent Henry
    Girl: Mary Frances Rose
    August Lake, Fitzgerald William, Forrest Seymour, James Freeman, Jude Henry, Lewis Everett, Morris Dalton, Reed Sawyer, Sullivan Desmond, Sterling Clark, Murry Truman, Vincent Charles
    Angie Pearl, Astoria Grace, Audrey Mae, Cleo Mavis, Delta Claire, Faye Angeline, Francesca Ann, Georgia Rae, Gemma Harlow, Heidi Josephine, Iris Everly, Jane Autumn, June Elizabeth, Kay Aurora, Lorelai Eden, Nancy Louise, Opal Rose, Savannah Leigh, Sela Jane

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    Hm, I think they may reuse some family names for middle names and traditional but not too buttoned-up firsts.
    I’d like to see: Alice Diana Mary, Matilda Elizabeth Doria, Theodore Philip Charles & Frederick Edward Louis


    Arthur, Hugo, Flora, Henrietta
    Mabel, Rose, Theodore, Charlie

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    Hmm... Considering that a child of theirs is very unlikely to actually become monarch, I’d go with something a bit more quirky, yet still traditional.

    Something like Beatrix, Vita or Elinor for a girl and Alban, Caspar or Magnus for a boy.

    My guess is that they’ll play it slightly “safer” than that, though, incorporating lots of honour names from both sides... but who knows?
    ♀ J. M. + ♂ K. V. + ♀ A. H.

    Flora Beatrix • Nell Cosima • Tess Apolline • Zosia Primrose
    Asa • Caspar • Florin • Ivo • Jem • Lupin • Rafe • Sasha • Tor

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    I like Beatrix but since Harry has a cousin named Beatrice I’m not sure the would use that if they did I like Lily Beatrix

    For girls I think could use a flower name for a first name and more typical royal names after
    Maybe something like
    Flora Diana Mary or Lily Margaret Alice

    For a boy
    Albert James Henry?

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    i would like to see these names being used:

    Louise Diana Alice: honouring Princess Diana
    Zara Sarah Elizabeth: honouring Princess Diana’s friendship with SarahFergie’ - Duchess of York
    Jasper Charles Thomas

    with a side note of: Alexandra and Matilda, Christian and Adrian
    Danielle // name enthusiast

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