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    Miss Emersyn Josephine "Emie Joe" arrived May 10, 2018

    Emersyn Josephine Ardith
    An Irish name meaning "swift" or "brave; powerful one" in German
    Emersyn is named from Irish legend for an ideal woman said to possess the six gifts of womanhood, the gifts of beauty, song, speech, handiwork, wisdom and the gift of modesty. That she too may be likewise gifted.

    Our daughter is further bestowed with two honor names, one from each of our families, Josephine, "God will add; increases" the feminine form of my dad's name, Joseph. And the floral bible name Ardith, meaning "flowering fields" after my dh beloved grandmother. Both Hebrew names. So little Emi here will carry a big, proud and meaningful legacy all her own. We are so blessed to welcome this precious soul.
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    Congratulations! I love the meaning behind her name and Emersyn is so perfect with her big sibs. I’m excited to see Ardith used too — such a strong, pretty, underused name.
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    I never knew that about the name Emersyn-- makes me like it even more. Congratulations (I know I'm a bit late!)
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    Her name is so special! I adore Emersyn, and I love the traditional Josephine being paired with it. Ardith is lovely too

    Emie Joe is such a sweet nickname!
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    Congratulations! She has a lovely, meaningful name!
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