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    Ellis girl or boy

    Hi nameberries,

    I really love the name Ellis for a girl!
    However, I would like your opinion whether you think Ellis is more of a girls name or a boys name?
    It just reminds me so much of Alice as it has the same pronunciation.

    Thanks for your input!
    Ps. My first girl's name is Skye and we are still not sure yet for the name of baby 2.

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    I definitely prefer it on a boy, but I also have boy family members named Ellis
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    I've only ever known a female Ellis, so it's all-girl to me. I can imagine it working well for a boy too, though.
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    I think it works well for both, but it leans boy for me
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    Ditto above! Of course, it can feel girlier if you shorten it to Elle/Ellie.
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