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    Sibling names for Catriona

    Hello c:

    I need sibling names for the protagonist of my book. Her name is Catriona Roth (she's 19), and she has 9 siblings that need names.

    She has 6 brothers and 3 sisters. There is one set of boy-boy twins and one of boy-girl twins among her siblings, but they don't necessarily need to be matchy. They can be, but it's not a requirement.

    I'm mainly looking for names that meet the following requirements:

    -Same/similar origin, linguistically. Catriona is a gaelic name, so names that are Gaelic/Irish/Scottish and maybe Welsh could work. The story is in a fantasy setting, so it is less about where the character is from and more about the names sounding cohesive if that makes sense.

    -Not unisex. Unisex names that sway heavily towards one gender are fine, but I want all of the names to be clearly male/female.

    -Names should be relatively intuitive for English speakers to pronounce. For example, names like Ailis, Etain, or Cessair are okay but names like Meadhbh and Saidhbhin would be hard to pronounce (I don't really want a pronunciation guide for the book).

    I think that is it. I would prefer to use the original/authentic spellings, as opposed to using the anglicized versions but I'm trying to not be too picky, lol. Thanks in advance!
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    Male names:
    Ailill — Irish; means elf
    Ailpein or Alpin — Scottish/Gaelic; may mean white (note: Ailpein is the older/original spelling, but Alpin seems much easier to guess the pronunciation of)
    Bryn or Brin — Welsh; means hill (note: another case where I believe the variant spelling, Brin, would be easier for English speakers to pronounce) (is sometimes used as a girl’s name, too, but originally was only a boy’s name)
    Cadfael — Welsh; means “battle prince”
    Caiside — Irish (Ancient); means curly-haired (may or may not actually be easy to pronounce, though I assume the e is silent, so the end would be pronounced “sid” instead of “side”. But I honestly don’t know)
    Glyn — Welsh; means valley
    Lonán — Irish; means little blackbird
    Rónán — Irish; means little seal
    Torin — Irish; means cheif
    Wyn — Welsh; means blessed, white, or fair

    There’s a fairly substantial list of boy’s names I got from a search on a website called “Behind The Name” (which I highly recommend, by the way, I use Behind The Name in naming most of my own characters nowadays). Those are some of my favorites, that I thought sounded both interesting and pronounceable. I might come back a bit later with some female names.

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    For the girls: Branwen, Siobhan, Fionnuala, Eira, Aoife, Saoirse, Rhiannon, Bronmai, Ailie
    For the boys: Eoin, Sean, Seamus, Keir, Struan
    either: Teagan, Finley, Rory
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    Female names:
    Blair — Scottish; means field (a unisex name, but it sound very feminine in my opinion)
    Brigit — Irish; old Irish form of Bridget
    Ceri — Welsh; short form of Ceridwen (which was the name of a witch in a medieval Welsh legend, but Ceri sounds very pretty)
    Eira — Welsh; means snow
    Eireann — Irish; old form of Erin
    Maeve — Irish; means intoxicating, was the name of a warrior queen in Irish legend
    Meredith — Welsh; may mean great lord or sea lord (is unisex but sounds feminine)
    Nerys — Welsh; may mean lady
    Rhian — Welsh; means maiden
    (Half of these are Welsh, which, I realize, is the one you were doubtful about... I hope that’s okay.)

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