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    Anyone else notice an increase in "Kit"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wandarine View Post
    Anyone else notice an increase in "Kit"?
    It's always been a NB favorite, but these days it's just everywhere! I don't mind it, though, Kit is great.
    There is a berry who has a Jem, and I think this one might rise, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wandarine View Post
    Anyone else notice an increase in "Kit"?
    Yes! I had mine a year ago, and now I feel like I’m seeing it everywhere, haha! It is a great name though (in my non-biased opinion ) and very much in the rise here in the UK. I absolutely love Jem too, so I’d like to see that one getting more love as well.
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    I like watching the different names bubble up in the signatures! I don't think there's any shame in it or anything. Lark is one I see so often on here that I wondered whether it might have taken off in real life a little--the real data says no :-) I'm also part of the Jem trend, since the nickname I have in mind for my Jerome combo is Jem.

    That said, should I have a real child to name at some point in the next few years, I can't really see using any one of my signature options--they're just for fun. Joan MyFamilyName HisFamilyName and/or Roger MyFamilyName HisFamilyName are the likeliest for-realsies names Oh...wait. Does that mean I'm on a mid-century bandwagon and didn't realize?? I don't really mind, since the Jennifer-Jessica-Ashley-Kate-Sarah/Mike-Matt-Chris-Dan-Dave level of popularity in my era just doesn't exist anymore (those 10 names cover half of my classmates and same-age coworkers, it always seems. In Britain, swap in Emma- Claire-Rebecca for the first three women, and Mark-James for Mike-Matt among the males...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wandarine View Post
    Anyone else notice an increase in "Kit"?
    I was about to mention this! I adore Kit, and I was guilty for having him in my sig for a bit. Definitely feels like every other sig has a Kit haha.
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