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Thread: H name Problem

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    Hi. I have a Harrison and a Hendrix, both H names that were not on purpose. I'm in your boat, expecting baby #3 in 2 weeks and can't decide to stick with the "H" names or to diverge with something new. My first 2 are 18 monhs apart and already act like twins, so I am nervous that by not sticking with the H names, #3 might feel left out. On the other hand, he/she might feel special with a unique name. Could go both ways so easily.

    If we stick with H names, our options are (don't know sex of #3):

    Boy: Hudson, Harlan, Heath
    Girl: Harlow, Harley

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    Especially since your first two children have their first name initial the same as their surname initial, I would definitely pick another H name. I don't think it is as important if the names end the same or if they have the same number of syllables.

    With Harper and Hunter I can imagine a Henry or Hadley.

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    I think Hudson, Hadley, Harley and Hayden all fit well with your other kids' names!
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