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    Edith or Beatrice?

    I know these names are stylistically very similar, but what do you think are the differences? How do you picture each?

    Incidentally, it's very very very early (too early to share with family, for instance) but there is a reason for asking...
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    I LOVE Edith with the sister names. Edith appeals to me because it strikes me as serious and a bit bookish.
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    I absolutely *adore* Edith. I agree with @erin beth that she feels bookish and smart, but also super sweet and sassy! Just lovely Easy to pronounce and spell, unexpected yet recognizable, sophisticated yet spunky. And Edith works SO well with the sibling names, too!

    While I do see the appeal of Beatrice, I have never fallen for her the same way. Bea is an really cute nn, but Beatrice in full feels a bit fussy/frilly.

    Good luck

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    Edith is a little more serious to me, I think because of the -th ending. Beatrice is more flowery with its happy meaning and the Beatrix Potter connection. The pronunciation of Beatrice trips me up, though, and I prefer Edie to Bea in terms of nicknames.
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    I like Beatrice more.

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