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    In the future, I want a corgi named Susan or Elizabeth (in honor of the queen and her corgi obsession). I have a Himalayan cat named Harry (named after Prince Harry) because he has ginger ears. Obviously, I love the royals
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    I have always loved Archie or Rupert for a male dog, and Clara/Claire or maybe Lucy for a girl dog. As for cats, I really like Mr.Wrinkles/Mr.Winkles. I don't know.
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    I want to get a hairless cat named Rice and a Shiba Inu named Toast. I just love object names for animals, they're so cute and funny.
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    I have two dogs, but I’m dying to get a new baby dachshund! I grew up with them, and I love ‘em! Working with dogs and animal behavior is my dream job—Which I’ve already gained some knowledge in through working in vet offices, grooming salons, and now a doggie daycare/boarding facility, plus through dog training/service dog training school. So obviously, I’ve met quite a few dogs and have a huge list of names to have and also avoid. I think about what to name my future puppies daily!

    My current favorites are: (for a long-haired Piebald Dachshund) Lili/Liliana, Opal, Daphne, Elsie, Jade, Hazel, Poppy, Rosie, Winnie, etc; Henry, Theo, Finn, Arrow, Grover, etc.
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    I don’t think a lot about cats. But my favorites are Juliet, Matilda, Hallie (short for Halloween for a solid black cat), Opal, or Silas and Felix.
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    We are fostering a pregnant cat who was found as a stray by our neighbors. We will give the kittens temporary names to simplify differentiating them and recording their health data while they’re in our care. There will likely only be a few kittens - mama is young and we’re pretty sure this is her first litter - so we won’t use all these names, but we came up with:

    Melon or Mint
    Tomatillo or Turmeric
    Chickpea or Chamomile

    Y’all have some great, sweet, funny ideas!

    Mama to Reuben and dreaming of
    Malcolm/Pascal or Elspeth/Willa/Beatrix
    Fostering the "garden kittens,"
    Tomatillo, Zucchini, Chickpea, and Nettle

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