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    Let me hear your favorite “B” names!

    Baby girl will be here in four months and will be joining big brother Brooks Paul. Right now we are in love with Eliza Kit, but I want to feel like I exhausted most of my options before we officially decide, especially since she is likely our last.
    During our search, I also loved the idea of having siblings that both begin with B, but I haven’t ever fallen in love with a “B” girl’s name. Send me your favorites for inspiration!

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    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Tristan Malachi||Arlo Forrest|Jude Everett|Otto Peregrine

    Polly Madeline?|Aurelia Eve?|Fergus Evander?
    Queenie Isabel|Quinn Lottie|Quincy Etta
    Quentin Blaise|Quaid Eliott|Quillian Tate

    More names!

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    Australia/United Kingdom
    Danielle // name enthusiast

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    Brogan and Bethany are my favourites.
    ’i wish for positivity, flowers... and babies’
    Elsie Marie | Rosalie Noelle
    Adeline Evelyn | Cordelia Antoinette

    Rowan Derek | Eden Alistair
    Warren Richard | Colin Jack
    ’aspiring midwife, housewife and mother’

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