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    Rainbow baby sister for Osiris and Helios

    Hi Berries!

    We are TTC after losing our second son shortly after birth and are starting from scratch on our girls list. First son is Osiris nn Ozzie/Oz. We named our second son Helios because he was born during an eclipse and likely would have called him Eli most of the time.

    We've always had a harder time with girls names. We would love a 3-4 syllable name with a cute nickname. Nice meanings are a definite plus. The name doesn't have to be ancient or mythological, but we do want it to sound good with the other names. Middle name will be Japanese.

    Looking forward to your suggestions!
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    Some ideas for you:

    Ariadne nn. Addie, Ari
    Aurora nn. Rory – love this for a rainbow baby, as it means "dawn," like a new start
    Cordelia nn. Coco, Cora, Delia, Edie
    Cosima nn. Coco
    Evangeline nn. Evie, Gigi, Ginny, Lina
    Gwendolyn nn. Gwen, Wendy, Winn, Winnie
    Josephine nn. Jo, JoJo, Josie
    Rosalind nn. Lindy, Rosie
    Seraphina nn. Effie, Fifi, Nina, Seri – this could honor an angel baby
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    Sorry to hear about your son.

    Here are some possibilities:

    Hermione nn Mynie
    Susannah nn Suki (if you want a Japanese first too!)
    Odessa nn Dessie
    Temperance nn Tempe
    Marigold nn Goldie
    Camilla nn Milla or Cammy
    Miranda nn Miri
    Persephone nn Percy or Perrie
    Something nn Hera (I love Hera!)
    Kallisto nn Kally
    Lorelei nn Lori or Lola or Lolly etc

    Look forward to seeing if any Berry suggestions make the list!
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