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Thread: Eurovision!

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    I actually went to Eurovision in Lisbon and I was there the last two years in Kiev and Stockholm too! Its such a good atmosphere to be there live, like one giant party!
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    I didn't actually watch this year, I was away on a Synagogue weekend away - a lot of people there were really happy with Israel winning. I didn't like the song at all, so I didn't really care (it's definitely not the first time I song I didn't like has won Eurovision!). I don't really understand why anyone did like it.

    I highly doubt the contest will actually be in Jerusalem, it'll probably be in Tel Aviv.
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    I hoped either Cyprus or Austria won, but i liked Israel. Unfortunately my country (Greece), was horribly this year, so i was really rooted for Cyprus.
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    I get why Israel won, I did like the song (it wasn't my favorite but still). But I agree it shouldn't have won. There were a lot of beautiful and strong songs this year that deserved better. Italy of France, for example. And UK did an excelent job.

    @carysmarie, wow! I should have gone! I live close to the border, and some of my friends went to the Eurovillage.

    @maerad, I think I've read Israel has already place the contest in Jerusalem.
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