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    I'm glad you found a name you guys love! Teddy is very sweet, and is an adorable little man! Congratulations!
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    He is so beautiful!

    I have to admit when we hadn't heard anything in awhile I began to worry. So happy that there were no complications and that you could take him home straight away!

    It sounds like Cornelia has taken to her role as a big sister with gusto! Endymion and Cornelia, what a truly perfect pair.

    Congratulations! It's been a joy to follow along on Teddy' s naming journey.
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    Congratulations! I'm so pleased you went with Endymion, it was my favourite name for you, and it suits him so well.

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    Congratulations ! Such a beautiful name and he is so cute ! I love baby boys a lot.

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    Oh, I'm so happy. I've been wondering about you for a while after seeing your posts. He's so lucky to have such a handsome name.
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