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    Have you named inanimate objects?

    I’m just curious. Have you named your cars? Anything else? A lot of my friends have named their musical instruments (I’m in band). I’ve had 2 cars, a cobalt which my boyfriend decided looked like a car belonging to a grandma (it had crank down windows, manual locks on the doors you had to use a key to open, etc) so that was Edith, and now I have a Prius Indie, because Prius’s are pretty hippie/environmentally friendly

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    Every spider I encounter is automatically named Cesar. However, I have never named a car.
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    Hahaha I feel like everyone has done this at least once. My husband was discussing what to call our new car just this morning lol

    I don't know why, but my computer is Phoebe *shrug* ...Our old car was Eva.
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    Lol! When my Dad finds spiders in their house, they are automatically Rufus!
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    My ukulele is called Flora!
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    I do it all the time and have done since the age of 13! My laptop is Dorita, my Nintendo DS is Iggy, my Android tablet is Andreas, my shower is Lewis, my cell/mobile phone is Gordon (after Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot).

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    I have named all my phones, current daily driver is Scarlett, I chose that name because she's red.
    Phones not kids:

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    My bass guitar is Melissa. No idea why, I knew it from the day I got her though.

    My laptop is Tamora, my phone is Sookie, and my iPad is Brii. Oh, and my barely functional writing laptop which dates back to the 90s is Mark.

    And my bike is Celeste.

    Got a whole bunch of instruments I still haven't been able to find a name that sticks, though.

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    haha I have a friend that names pillows and brooms.
    I mostly stick to naming random animals I see.
    The chipmunk living under our house in Frodo Arwen Shell.
    A cardinal - Pecival Rufus Cornelius
    Old cardinal - Nebuchadnezzar
    Blue Jay - Azaleo
    and many more lol
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    My old high school calculator (still with me after more than 10 years) is named Percy.
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