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    Names with Noun Nicknames

    My daughter's name is Beatrice and we call her "Bea"... so, naturally we gravitate to the "bee" (bumblebee, honey bee) nickname association.

    So for our future kid(s), we thought it would be fun to pick a name, whose nickname would be an equally fun and interesting noun.

    Barrett = Bear
    Penelope = Penny
    Katherine = Kat/Cat
    Wolfgang = Wolf
    Rosemund = Rose

    Rockwell = Rock
    Dorothy = Dot

    We aren't looking for general noun first names like Daisy, Poppy, Clover, Sky, Cash, Sage, etc (which are great! just not what we're looking for)... We want first names whose nicknames are nouns.

    HINT: Our benchmark has been Christmas tree ornaments, or tattoos.
    We have a cute bee Christmas tree ornament (and thought it would be fun to get a little bee tattoo some time)... but it isn't as easy (or cute) to get a "rock" tattoo or tree ornament... or a dot... or gray for Grayson.

    Looking for boy OR girl names.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Boys names:
    Archie John Barry * Toby Bryan Ray * Damien James * Isaac Richard * Oscar Colin * Atticus Tomas * Darwin William * Edison Jay * Alaric Edwin * Franklin Everard *

    Girls names:
    Ellie May Jean * Annabelle Kate * Isabelle Grace * Darcey Jessica * Beatrice Rae * Georgiana Ariel * Emilia Rose * Tabitha Olivia * Matilda Ann *

    Honour names in Italics

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    Antonia/Anthony - Ant
    Jennifer/Christopher - Fir
    Katherine/Christopher/Carlton/really anything starting with a C or K - Kit
    Skylar - Sky
    Walter ~ Richard ~ Martin ~ Joseph ~ Edgar ~ Ezra ~ William

    Edith ~ Matilda ~ Karen ~ Eleanor ~ Mehitabel

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    My Lists
    Bird + Birding Baby Names // species names + notable naturalists
    Texas Inspired Baby Names // paying homage to the Lone Star State
    Nautical Baby Names // inspired by sailors + the deep blue sea
    The Golden Age of Detective Fiction // timeless characters + the writers who created them
    Hobbit Baby Names // botanical, medieval + gemstone names from the Shire
    Medieval Names for a Modern Baby // unusual names + surnames from historic rosters

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    It might be a stretch to call some of these nouns, but...

    Margaret - May or Daisy
    Adelaide - Daisy
    Penelope or Persephone - Poppy or Peony
    Lillian, Liliana, etc. - Lily
    Callista - Calla (as in calla lily)
    Coraline - Coral
    Gemma - Gem
    Florence - Flora or Ren/Wren
    Evangeline, Eva, Evelina, etc. - Eve
    Josephine - Posy/Posey
    Pandora - Panda or Pan (maybe a bit weird for a person's nn, but I did like it for Pantaleimon in The Golden Compass...)
    Victoria - Plum (derived from the Victoria plum- an unusual nn but has some history, including author Plum Sykes whose full name is Victoria)

    Christopher or Christian - Kit
    Arthur or Orson - Bear (they mean "bear")
    Patrick - Trick
    Quincy - Quince
    John, Jackson, etc. - Jack (as in "jack of all trades)
    Jacob - Jay
    Markus/Marcus - Mark
    Laken - Lake

    Not all of these would work great for your Christmas ornaments though! And with Grayson- you could always get an ornament that's grey in colour, like an elephant or grey owl, that'd be cute You could also pick an ornament based on the meaning of their name/otherwise associated with their name- like an angel for Angeline, a bear for Orson, a crown for Zara which means princess, etc. Or one derived from their middle name. (I am thinking way too hard about this, but I just love Christmassy things! It's such a sweet idea for an ornament.)
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Felicity, Juliet
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Oliver, Darcy, Orlando

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