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    @jessiexmo and @katinka! Ivo is fairly common in the Czech Republic where my husband's from, my stepson Ivo was named after his great-grandfather
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    Thank you ladies. Congrats on all the new expectant mommies since the last time I was on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessiemxo View Post
    Vc2013, yes I have been feeling terrible too. Yes to incapacitated also, feel like I've had days on end in bed just miserable. I'm 7 weeks 5 days today, and happily experiencing a day of respite - have even managed to eat real food and not throw up today! Amazing. Haha.

    So far I have found the past 4 weeks really tough, and fairly miserable 90% of the time. There are those glimmering moments though where you don't feel sick for a second or you get to see the heartbeat at the first ultrasound! Just trying to push through and hope that the worst of it will disappear by 12 weeks.. We'll see, but yes, I sympathise!
    Wow! Well first off, I am 7wks 4days today so we seem to be quite close time wise. Second off, today was *my* turn for a respite!! I was up on my feet all day not sick, not bothered by smells, actually eating real food! I have to remind myself that these days do happen, even during the hardest weeks. Had a great day and was actually productive! Woohoo!
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    Yes, welcome and congratulations to all of the newcomers!

    VC- cheers to a good day! I hope they continue to improve! I know everyone's experience is a bit different, but at almost 12 weeks I feel like I'm rounding the corner. First thing in the morning is still rough, but my days this week have been pretty good and I think I have a bit more energy.

    Quick question on vitamins: my RE didn't seem to care what I took, so I alternated between a powdered drink mix (like alka seltzer) and gummies (depending on how much time I had-- gummies were way easier on vacation) with a grotesquely large DHA supplement. My OB sent me with samples of prescription prenatal vitamins and made it seem like I should definitely change to one of these. The prenate mini seems fine and hasn't upset my stomach (then again, I'm feeling better this week in general). It will also be covered by my insurance. Does anyone know anything about prescription vitamins? Any recommendations? Thoughts on keeping on with my not-so-unpleasant gummy vitamins?

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    @dotdraper As I understand it, as long as you’re getting the recommended amount of folic acid (folate?) and vit D, you’ll be absolutely fine. Your body has more than enough of everything else in reserve and will prioritise the baby. Depending on your levels and diet, you may also need a iron supplement later on in pregnancy (I did with both previous pregnancies, so I expect to again).

    If you can handle the gummies well, they’re probably fine to keep taking. Just have a look at the packet/label, because I know that excessive vit A (and possibly some other vitamins and minerals) can be harmful to the baby. I doubt those kind of levels would be in your gummy vitamins, but definitely worth checking.

    Also, you may already do this but for anyone else struggling to keep vitamins down: take them with a meal, even if they say to take on an empty stomach! I took them first thing in the morning for weeks with my daughter and was horribly sick; switched to taking them with dinner and all fine.
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