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    @northernlights I can see your dilemma, but I personally would prefer to wait at lest a week beyond my due date just to see if labour started naturally. It seems a real shame to go for induction and all that that can entail when you might have gone into spontaneous labour a day or two later anyway (then again, perhaps that would mean a super-smooth and simple induction? I’m not sure if it makes a difference how close you are to going into labour naturally).

    41 weeks would perhaps be a good compromise solution, as Mickie suggests. I don’t set a great deal of store by the growth scans either (I’ve known them to be way off more often than right!) but if you had a big, late baby last time then your chances of having another are higher than most. Still, sounds like you coped like a boss with Rosie, and second deliveries are generally quicker, smoother and easier. This was certainly my experience, even though #2 was almost 2lbs larger than #1.

    Ultimately though, it’s your choice. And don’t feel like you have to make up your mind now and stick to it! If, as the date approaches, you suddenly feel like you’d really like to avoid induction or like you could really use the extra help, you’re completely within your rights to change your mind. Good luck.

    Very quick and unexciting update from me: due date today, no baby in sight! Time to get bouncing on that ball!
    J. M. (2015) + K. V. (2017) ♂
    baby sister due in February!

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