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    @al.vy- Well done! I wasn't sure about using a second middle myself, but I've really come around.

    @acopas- I love Cordelia! (And I remember a time when Aria was an unexpected name! It shot up quickly!)

    @vc2013- Are his family tree names meaningful honor names or just a preferred style? I'm wondering if you can strike a compromise with another version of an honor name? To be fair, I'm not great at compromises myself... I admire your patience!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dotdraper View Post
    @vc2013- Are his family tree names meaningful honor names or just a preferred style? I'm wondering if you can strike a compromise with another version of an honor name? To be fair, I'm not great at compromises myself... I admire your patience!
    Good question! Well, he got to honor his maternal line with our son’s middle name, AND we all have his last name. It’s non-negotiable that it’s my turn now, although I’m open to having two honor names as MNs, one from my family and one from his.

    We discussed last night over dinner and he finally opened up a little bit to my suggestions! Maybe we can strike a balance with one Slavic, one English name.

    I also informed him that many of his choices are very popular right now - for example, he’s got a thing for names with an x in then. And I told him how quickly things change in the naming world, and that many names we thought were unusual back when we named our son are now quite common (eg., Phoenix or Quinn). I reminded him that our son is now ONE OF THREE SAGES in his kindergarten!!! Never thought that would happen when we named him, but he has to use his last initial to differentiate. I explained that that’s why I’m personally totally open to a less common name now, and listed all the uncommon names in my son’s class. I think that created a little opening for him.
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    Wow this thread moves quickly! Rosie is really refusing her naps lately and I'm still so tired I just go to bed when she does so my free time has been limited to catch up. Sorry this is so long, I feel like I haven't had anyone to talk to about the details in weeks!

    I don't think I said thank you for everyone's advice about gender disappointment! We've started talking Rosie around and her newfound lack of disgust for a boy is making me feel more confident about having one. Plus we've made the decision that this is in all likelihood our last one. We discussed 3 before but this pregnancy has been draining on me physically and emotionally, and neither of us are prepared to go through this again. So it will be nice to have one of each.

    @mill - Congratulations on your boy! I bet your daughter was happy. Henry is perfect for you, though I love Calvin on your list too.

    @jessiemxo - Yay for feeling movement! And congratulations on your girl!

    @mlrox - I actually love Silas! But you're right, Silas Benjamin doesn't quite have the perfect ring to it. I hope you're able to settle on a name soon!

    @vc2013 - Your husband's initial reaction sounds frustrating, but I'm glad he's starting to come around! As an Emily of the early 90s I can tell you how annoying it is to have to differentiate by last initial your whole life -- I can't believe Sage is one of three in his class! Hopefully you're able to compromise on something less common. I quite like Vedran and Neven, if I haven't said so already!

    @dotdraper - The exhaustion is real, I feel for you. So cool you're feeling kicks on the outside! Love your chosen name, and Imogen and Cecilia are so cute as well. <3

    @thomasina - Yay for seabands! I'm still wearing mine out of habit more than anything else. So glad you're feeling better.

    @katinka - Are you finding out if you're having a boy or girl or are you team green? I can't remember! Either way, good luck at your scan!

    @al.vy - Verity and Credence are wonderful together!

    @acopas - I love Cordelia! I love Aria, too, but you're right - it's definitely more popular these days.

    Following the name discussion, I think we have (for the moment) settled on Sullivan Adam if we are indeed having a boy. It still doesn't feel quite "right" but I'm wondering if that's just what happens with a second child!! Adam is an honor name my husband brought up that I feel the need to discuss with a few relatives before using. (Maybe I can ask for opinions here -- what would you do?? It's for his brother who passed away last year, but his brother left behind two kids who are now 10 and 7 so not remotely thinking about children right now... would you use the name or "save" it for them?) Sullivan... I don't know! Some days I feel like it couldn't be any other name and other days I'm just not sure. Today is one of those days. Having a name is also helping with the "happy with having a boy" feelings though so I told my husband this is the name unless we find something else we like better between now and birth.

    The nausea has really eased off but it's been replaced by some low blood pressure issues -- I'm waking up very dizzy every morning and start getting dizzy/faint during the day if I go too long without eating something. It's been an adjustment to find out what works to sort it out but I'm slowly getting there. Very frustrated with the whole situation as I've never had something like this happen before, and it feels like a juggling act to make my body behave! My midwife isn't too concerned as I am managing it. It's just making me cranky.

    In other news, I had an appointment with my GP to discuss the results of my NT scan. I'm low risk for all of the different syndromes, which they told me at the scan anyway, but apparently the placenta is partially covering my cervix at the moment. She said it should hopefully move up and that they'll check again at the anatomy scan. If it's not moved then, I'll get another scan at 32 weeks, and if it still hasn't moved, we'll talk about a c-section. Which kind of terrifies me, but I guess a placenta can't come out first!! I've now been referred for the anatomy scan so will have a date for that soon. Excited to see baby again. I think we might opt for a 3D one later on as well. We did it with Rosie and I said "eh, probably not worth it to do it for #2" BUT Rosie hasn't been able to come to the scans as her attention span isn't great, and it might be nice for her to see the baby in a non-medical setting where she can be a bit noisy.

    AND I had my first appointment with my midwife at my first choice of care -- the birth centre where I had my daughter. She remembered us and remembered Rosie. It's just so nice to have that continuity! She was so good with Rosie too; the precious darling sat in the patient's chair and said, "Mummy, it's my appointment first, THEN it's your appointment." And she promptly put her stuffed cat up her shirt when I told her the appointments were only for mummies with babies in their tummies. Oh, the joys. Maybe a boy won't be so sassy.

    And we announced to everyone the last few weeks, and posted on FB today. Everyone's very excited!

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    @vc2013- I totally get your frustration. Between the last name discussion (our family WON'T all share the same last name because neither of us wanted to change when we got married and I've ceded baby's last to him rather than demanding hyphenation), and the fact that I'm the person who has actually spent years on a name forum, I wasn't about to back down from my carefully thought-out list. Plus, I'm doing the heavy lifting with pregnancy, right? I hope you can find that balance with middle names!

    @northernlights- I really like Sullivan Adam, and I think it will be nice to use Adam to honor your husband's late brother. Since Adam is the middle name I think it can be used in the future by your niece/nephew if they also want to honor their father without any problems.

    Also, your sassy girl sounds adorable.

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    @northernlights, Sullivan Adam is a wonderful choice. Re: the dizziness, it all sounds fairly normal, unfortunately. I assume they’re (your midwife) is making sure you’re not anemic. It’s hard to take good care of yourself when you have a little one to take care of, which is why second pregnancies are always harder!

    My “real” (anatomy) scan is coming up this week, but since I might be switching to a doctor that isn’t such a long drive from my house, I’m not even sure I’ll go to that appt. As of now I’m driving from Santa Cruz to Palo Alto, which isn’t far geographically but is a huge pain in the @ss due to traffic. But anyway, I’m kind of waiting for the high-resolution scan to really come out of denial about having a fifth boy; it seems to be part of the whole process for me to be in denial for at least a few weeks. Hah. I’m sure I will adore him just as much as if he were female.
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