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    Hi all! I am new here, but just got my BFP on Sunday! This is my first, but hubs second.

    I am about 5 weeks, 5 days. Due date estimated: January 26!

    My first appointment is scheduled for mid June.

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    I'm 5w5d today and we just had our first scan yesterday (we used IVF so there's a lot of early monitoring). I'm trying to stay positive and busy between appointments, but after the frequent appointments that come with IVF waiting even a week between visits gives me so much time to dwell on and worry about every little thing. I wish I could sit back and enjoy this! So far I'm exhausted every day no matter how much sleep I get, and nauseated when I'm hungry... And also when I've eaten. Lol.

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    Welcome! It's great to get some more traction and newcomers on this thread.

    7 weeks 2 days. Today marks 4 weeks since I found out! The nausea started kicking in at around 5 weeks and shows no sign of dwindling. I am also nauseous before I eat and if I eat more than a few bites. I don't throw up too often (so far not more than once every 2 days) but when I do it is so painful! I am craving carbs and have aversions to a lot of my "regular foods". Also bloated, constipated etc. And still exhausted!! I've been sleeping well over 8 hours a night and it is never enough.

    This part is really rough. I don't have my first appointment for another 10 days and time is going so slowly. My husband is having a really busy period at work so he doesn't have any bandwidth to discuss baby stuff. I know we have so much time still but I'm really excited and all topics related to baby really help me deal with all the side effects. I would love to get a jump start of discussions of whether we will use cloth diapers or not, as well as create a tentative list of what baby gear we will need. There are so many options out there and we are going to try to be minimalist about our needs... we will see how that goes haha.

    Also I tried to get a massage yesterday with a gift certificate I had, and they don't do full body massages during the first trimester! I had no idea but apparently it can be risky to mess with circulation during this time. I've been sitting on this all month, but felt too nauseous for the idea of a massage to be appealing, and finally yesterday I had a few hours where I felt well enough.
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    Hi ladies and a big welcome to the new expectant mothers in the group!
    I am currently 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

    I'm afraid to say that the nausea and morning sickness have been really hard on me for some time now and the heat where I live isn't helping... My breasts are still badly swollen, but not as bad as they were last month.

    We had our first ultrasound appointment last Wednesday and baby's heartbeat was perfect. My SO and I got really emotional and this time we took big sister Noor with us and she was very, very excited. I'm anxiously counting the days towards the 12 week mark, despite having listened to the heartbeat I don't think the fact that I'm having my 5th baby has sunk in yet, I'm hoping with all my heart that this baby sticks.

    Wishing all you other mamas the best and am looking forward to reading more of your updates!

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    I'm so happy to talk pregnancy with other people. We've only told two people at this point, so it is really nice to hear from ladies going through the same nerves, nausea, and excitement.

    @kazooki-- That stinks about the massage, but I'm filing this information away with the other things to avoid. I swear, I learn something new everyday. :/

    My husband and I are still too nervous about how early it is to just charge forward with planning anything, so even when we do find time to talk "baby" it's rather limited... but, I'm a planner and I feel better list making so I'm quietly researching gear, etc. I know he's low-key obsessing over college savings plans and additional life insurance, so while we can't jump all-in, we both have an urge to get some things in place.

    @laila- Congrats on your recent ultrasound and your large family! That's so exciting!

    We have an appointment for Thursday (we'll be 6w5d) and I'm anxious but also really excited.

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