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    How close in age are your children?

    I just found out a few days ago that I’m expecting baby #2! Our two will be just a little over 1 year apart if everything goes well and baby #2 comes on their due date. The only other person who knows is my husband and we haven’t said anything to anyone. I feel like sometimes there’s a bit of judgement when you have kids close in age so I’m just looking for people who are in the same boat for a few words of encouragement because to be honest...I’m terrfied by the idea of having 2 kids just in general:
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    Congrats! How exciting to be expecting another little one so soon.

    Mine aren’t nearly as close as yours will be — I’ve got a 20m age gap — but there are definitely positives and negatives to any age gap. A close friend has two daughters 13m apart and it was manic for the first few months, but they’re thick as thieves now at 2.5 and 1.5, and sharing clothes/activities/toys/bedroom is working out really well with two so close in age.

    As for me, I’m loving life with two now that my youngest is 10m and on the move. They’re so close already and my daughter doesn’t even remember life as an only. It’s so sweet to watch them together and, again, practically it’s working well for us. My kids share clothes and toys and have the same mealtimes, bedtime, etc.

    I have had a few “You’ve got your hands full!” comments but nothing malicious. If people judge that just reflects badly on them, not you. Good luck!
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    There is 27 months between 1 and 2. Only a 1 minute gap between 2 & 3 though It's a lot sometimes and I don't think there is any perfect age. They all have their challenges and benefits as far as adding a sibling. We were able to get our dd (mostly) potty trained before the babies came, which helped a lot, but then we also had to deal with some regresion after they came. I wanted my kids fairly close in age in hopes that they would form a closer bond. My husband pushed for a little farther apart and we started trying when our first was 18m. I'm glad they we waited since we ended up conceiving twins. As they get older, I think they will still be close enough in age to share interests. Congratulations!
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    I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Luckily I have my aunt there for advice (my oldest cousins are exactly 11 months apart. The oldest was born August 26th the younger July 26th) and she’s been pretty helpful. Granted I’m sure raising kids was a bit different in her day, but she helps ease my anxiety about having 2 so close in age. However, it’s sinking in that not only will I have 2 children only 12 months apart, but also 2 children born on and around one of the busiest holidays of the year! Go figure that’s just my luck lol
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    Assuming all goes well, our two will be 21 mos apart. We're looking forward to the gap, but almost every single person we've told about #2 has asked if it was on purpose. I will say that it happened a little sooner than I thought it would, but we were hoping for a less than two year age gap. Trite as it is, babies are such a blessing, no matter when they come!

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