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    I have an almost 6 month old son (will be 6 months on the 27th of June) and am currently about 6 weeks pregnant with our second child. Unsure of exact dates yet, as my first scan is next week, but if my math is correct, then there will be 13 months between them when the second one is born (if they he/she doesn't arrive early).

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    Ours are just over 4 years apart. And any other child we have will be more than 4 years younger than our youngest now.
    I wanted a closer gap. We TTC for a while when our oldest turned 2, but to no avail, minus one miscarriage, so we took a break. It then took a while to TTC our next, but we were successful eventually, giving us the four year gap.

    I thought I'd hate it. I wanted them closer, I was sad. But when he was born? It was awesome. She was old enough to understand things, she thoroughly enjoyed being a big sister. Them meeting for the first time melted my heart completely. Plus she wasn't as jealous of him as I think she would have been had she been a toddler.

    And now DD is almost 8 (tomorrow!) and DS is 3 1/2 and despite the fairly large gap, they're really close.
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    Most of you have children so close in age... Sometimes I wonder if the age gap will be too big for our children, should we be so lucky to have another baby. My son turned three last month, and we're planning to start TTC after summer. This means that our children will be at least four years and two months apart, probably more.
    Our son was a surprise baby, I wasn't planning on getting pregnant at that time (or ever, if I'm completely honest). We've been thinking about having a second baby for a while now, but I was never really sure.
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    Well, I'm a soon to be mother to 7 kids and so when it comes to age gaps I have a bit of experience. My eldest son Hugo was five years old and a kindergartner when twins Larkspur and Jasper came along. We had only been planning to have the one child but had a surprise pregnancy. The 5 year age gap was a dream come true in dealing with newborn twins. Hugo was in a phase where a lot of his classmates were "getting babies" and he had been wanting a sibling for a while. When Lark and Jasper arrived he had his moments of jealousy, which is perfectly normal, but he could understand and appreciate that he was a big brother and was actually a lot of help. He would hand me things and be eager to hold the babies, choose their outfits, fetch diapers and bottles... He was mama's little helper. It was a brilliant age gap!

    After the twins were weaned and 18 months old my husband and I decided to try for a 4th child. We'd started out wanting just one child but then found ourselves financially stable and loving the prospect of a large family, which neither of us had growing up. So when the twins were 2 1/2 Theda arrived. It was a wild because we had three kids under 3 and a second grader so there were many sleepless nights and bouts of jealousy. I think it took a couple of months after Theda was born for them to grow fond of her and understand they were her big brother and sister. Hugo loved Theda immediately though, and there were no issues with him. He was already nearly 8 years old.

    Theda was supposed to be our last, but around the time she was 2 my husband started looking into adoption because he himself had been adopted and we entered the ranks of parents in line to adopt, domestically and internationally.

    Rupert's was another surprise pregnancy that came when Theda was going 3, which proved to also be a great age gap because she could understand what a baby was and that he would need a bit more of mommy and daddy's attention. She was also very helpful and I think the fact that Lark and Jasper already knew the ropes to a baby, she followed their lead. And finally, two months after Rupert was born we were practically giving up on the adoption processes when we were matched with a little girl in Eastern Europe, who was also 3 years old and in July, our Maria arrived home. My husband personally went to "pick her up". I wish I could have gone, but I had a young baby and all the others to look after.

    And now, we are due with our official last baby ( I always say it's the last and have another, but this time it's final because we have limited space at home), a girl in early July and so let's see if the kids, especially Rupert who is the baby, will adapt well. I hope it won't be as bad as it was with the twins and Theda!
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    I don't have kids but my sister and I are five years apart which in my opinion is not ideal. I didn't do preschool, and then started kindergarten the September after I turned five, which happens to be the month my sister was born. I think that timing - losing even more time and attention from my parents than I would've if only one thing had happened - has made it way more difficult several years down the line to have a good relationship with my sister.
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