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    Congrats! I hope everything goes smoothly! I don't have children myself but I know someone who has a four-year-old son, a one-year-old daughter (she turned one last week!) and is expecting another daughter next month! I think it'll probably be a bit of a challenge for her having two so close in age but I also think that it'll make them very close.
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    I have twin girls (unidentical) aged 3, named Autumn (Autumn Grace) and Summer, (Summer Aurelia) and are expecting two more baby girls! I find it actually quite funny how I have had two sets of twin girls I feel like the age gap for me is a lot bigger than any of yours, is that normal? Anyway, I have not thought of names for my little girls just yet as I was thinking Demi and Hildy (Demitria and Hildegarde for formal events only) until I put the names on here and got some feedback. I'm still thinking Demi... Quinn? Flora? Brooke? Only time will give me an answer

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    Cheshire cat - Why not call them Winter and Spring

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    Mine are 25 months apart. Honestly, the hardest part was dealing with an incredibly clingy toddler when the youngest was a newborn. It has definitely gotten better as my youngest gets older.
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    19 months between 1 and 2
    18 months between 2 and 3 (if 3 comes on time!!)
    I’ve had quite a few people question if it was on purpose or sympathise that they had the same gap by accident!
    Mine were totally on purpose, except 3 was conceived slightly earlier than expected as I didn’t realise I’d started ovulating again and got a lovely surprise when we went for our early scan expecting an 8 week old bub and finding a 10.5 week old baby in there!!
    I love having a small gap, my boys adore each other and love playing together already at 16 and 35 months. They already have a concept of sharing, kindness, being gentle, laughing with others and looking after someone smaller (both love time with their baby dolls).
    It isn’t easy as you have two babies with different needs and who both want a lot of your attention but with planning and early nights for you to be rested and ready for the next day it’s so very rewarding!!
    Good luck and have fun xxx

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