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    My two eldest are best friends, we recently moved to London and got them all their own rooms... except Maverick and Roux cannot sleep apart. They have never fought and I was able to keep the breastfeeding going.... I don't actually remember a time I didn't have a baby on my boob tbh...

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    I don't have children but I am the oldest of 6.

    Here are our ages;
    (almost) 17, 15, 12, 9, 3, 1.
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    My daughter is 5 and my son is 28 days old. I originally wanted my children to be closer in age, 18-20 months apart or something like that, but I am super happy with an infant and an older child. Nelly helps me a lot and isn't nearly as jealous as I think she would have been if we had a baby earlier. She sings him songs, chooses his outfits and is really looking forward to being allowed to hold his bottle. I can't wait for them to become the bestest friends!

    Having kids 12 months apart probably isn't easy, but I'm sure it's soooo worth it. I know two girls who are 14 months apart, and they are thick as thieves!
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    First off congratulations! I don't have children myself, but my cousin's oldest two are less than a year apart in age and very close (they're actually often mistaken for b/g twins). Being so close in age has definitely helped their relationship (they're now 7 and 8 years old, and very nearly inseparable), and were raised together with no problems, sharing clothes/toys/etc. I'm sure you'll handle two children just fine!

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    I’ll just say my siblings since I don’t have kids

    There are 4 of us, all exactly 2 years apart (within a few months)

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