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    Can you complete this CAF?

    Family surname: 00’s era band or musical artist name

    DH66 & DW61:
    Him: Athletic Surname for FN, Presidential MN
    Her: A FN you’ve heard recently and a supermodel MN, random actor maiden name

    DD40: Historical FN, 1 syllable MN
    DS38: A brand-name FN, Historical MN
    DD35: Modern for-her-age FN, a nickname MN
    DD32: FN ends in -ie and chic MN
    One twin: Athletic surname as FN, two middle names (both common)
    Other twin: FN ends in ‘d’ and MN starts with P
    DD27: FN inspired by mother’s FN, Two middle names that are pretty and unique
    DS24: Cartoonish FN and MN includes the word “and”

    DW40 & DH42:
    Family LN: Starts with an N
    Her: from above
    Him: 90s heart-throb FN, Punk band name MN

    DS18: Fantasy inspired FN and common 00s MN
    DS16: Word-name FN and skater-boy MN
    DD/DD/DD14: All three have 4-letter FN and MN
    DD11: Plant-inspired FN, word-name MN
    DS9: FN ends in -er, and 4 letter MN
    ----DBF18: From above
    ----DGF19: FN ends in -anna, MN is a common 80s name
    ----DDexp: Pretty and unique FN, and same MN as mom

    DH38 & DW34:
    Him: From above
    Her: Jewelry-inspired FN and a maternal-sounding MN (Compound-word Maiden Name)

    DD12: Car-inspired FN, Angellic MN
    DS9: Astute, imperial FN and MN inspired by mother’s maiden name

    DW35 & DH36:
    Family LN: Street-name you’ve heard of
    Her: From above
    Him: Cartoon-inspired FN & basketball player MN

    DD/DD12: Initials OX and OP
    DD10: A unique-spelling of a somewhat common FN, and Holiday-inspired MN
    DS7: European-inspired FN, two middle names that go together

    exDW32 & exDH37:
    Her: From above (uses her maiden LN)
    Him: Vegas-inspired FN, Sunny and bright MN, his LN is a celebrity LN

    DD9: Pretty, British FN, Color-inspired MN, and takes father’s LN
    DD7: Song-name FN and MN ends in -ine, and takes father’s LN

    sameDGF32 & DBF30:
    Her: From above, same as before
    Him: Nautical FN, MN ends in ‘-rd’, and LN is rock-and-roll inspired

    hisDS6: Movie inspired FN, and unigender MN
    hisDD4: Beautiful actress FN, and MN ends in ‘-lia’
    theirDS1: Surname FN, Greek-inspired MN

    DF29 (twin 1) & DF25:
    Him: From Above
    Her: Book title FN and MN, and LN is athlete-inspired

    No children yet, but engaged to be married.

    DBF29 (twin 2) & DGF21:
    Him: From Above
    Her: Color FN, Irish MN, and Place-name LN

    DDexp: FN of someone you went to middle school/jr high with, Two MN (one animal-inspired, and one grandmotherly). Takes mom’s LN

    DW27 & DH40:
    Family LN: Hispanic or Italian
    Her: From above
    Him: Boy next door FN, and Old, Ancient MN

    HisDS18: Same FN as father. Rockstar MN
    HisDS15: Nicknamey FN, Cool-guy MN
    HisDS12: Unigender, Exotic FN and Old-man MN
    They have no children together yet

    DF24 & DF22:
    Him: From above
    Her: Initials ALMO, with two middle names, and LN is historically significant

    DD1: Color FN, Boyish MN, and takes mom’s LN
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    Hogan Zachary Lavigne & Bryony Wilhelmina Lavigne (Reeves)
    DD40: Felicity Paige Lavigne
    DS38: Dannon Zekiel Lavigne
    DD35: Haley Cate Lavigne
    DD32: Stephanie Zara Lavigne
    DS/DS29: Tyson Daniel Howard Lavigne / Quaid Preston Lavigne
    DD27: Bryn Katrine Thalia Lavigne
    DS24: Felix Ryland Lavigne
    DW40 & DH42: Felicity Paige Newell (Lavigne) & Jonathan Ezra Newell
    DS18: Griffin Aidan Newell
    DS16: Wade Jason Newell
    DD/DD/DD14: Este Shay Newell / Sage Isla Newell / Sofie Mae Newell
    DD11: Ivy Lane Newell
    DS9: Fletcher Sean Newell
    DBF18 & DGF19: Griffin Aidan Newell & Lillianna Ashley Underwood
    DDexp: Raina Ashley Underwood
    DH38 & DW34: Dannon Zekiel Lavigne & Kendra Aileen Lavigne (Truehart)
    DD12: Camry Halo Lavigne
    DS9: Ambrose True Lavigne
    DW35 & DH36: Haley Cate Beckner (Lavigne) & Phineas Odin Beckner
    DD/DD12: Onyx Xienna Beckner / Osanna Paloma Beckner
    DD10: Emilia Noelle Beckner
    DS7: Ivan Nigel Grey Beckner
    exDW32 & exDH37: Stephanie Zara Lavigne & Chance Ray Agron
    DD9: Gemma Olive Agron
    DD7: Leyla Francine Agron
    sameDGF32 & DBF30: Stephanie Zara Lavigne & Seamus Crawford Avett
    hisDS6: Ronan Elliott Avett
    hisDD4: Dascha Ophilia Avett
    theirDS1: Foley Troy Avett
    DF29 & DF25: Tyson Daniel Howard Lavigne & Heidi Emma Iverson
    No children yet
    DBF29 & DGF21: Quaid Preston Lavigne & Ruby Fiona Dalles
    DDexp: Belinda Wren Louella Dalles
    DW27 & DH40: Bryn Katrine Thalia Armandes (Lavigne) & Calvin Ovid Armandes
    HisDS18: Calvin Hart Armandes
    HisDS15: Eli Lars Armandes
    HisDS12: Luca Amos Armandes
    They have no children together yet
    DF24 & DF22: Felix Ryland Lavigne & Ayla Laken Maeve Onassis
    DD1: Sienna Tristen Onassis
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    Family surname: Spears

    DH66: Ashe Lincoln
    DW61: Phoebe Gisele Hemsworth

    DD40: Clara Snow
    DS38: Kylo Edison
    DD35: Malia Effie
    DD32: Sadie Lux
    DS/DS29: Brady James Matthew & Shepherd Philip
    DD27: Thisbe Linnea Meadow
    DS24: Rex Leland

    DW40: Clara Snow Spears Nichols
    DH42: Devon Zeppelin Nichols

    DS18: Samwise Jacob *Wise* Nichols
    DS16: Cove Austin Nichols
    DD/DD/DD14: Luna Hope Nichols & Gaia Juno Nichols & Echo Avia Nichols
    DD11: Maple Dove Nichols
    DS9: Otter Milo Nichols

    ----DBF18: Samwise Jacob *Wise* Nichols
    ----DGF19: Susanna Jessica *Sunny* Perkins
    ----DDexp: Laika Jessica Nichols

    DH38: Kylo Edison Spears
    DW34: Silver Mary Townsend

    DD12: Jetta Angelina
    DS9: Caius Townsend

    DW35: Malia Effie Spears Belknap
    DH36: Milo Jordan Belknap

    DD/DD12: Oona Xanthe Belknap & Oceane Philippa Belknap
    DD10: Sofia Ivy Belknap
    DS7: Etienne Milo Dexter Belknap

    exDW32: Sadie Lux Spears
    exDH37: Clark Kai Tatum

    DD9: Poppy Blue Tatum
    DD7: Layla Clementine Tatum

    DGF32: Sadie Lux Spears
    DBF30: Mariner Ford Hendrix

    hisDS6: Forrest Carter Hendrix
    hisDD4: Alba Julia Hendrix
    theirDS1: Talmadge Nicholas Hendrix

    DF29: Brady James Matthew Spears
    DF25: Matilda Eloise Agassi

    DBF29: Shepherd Philip Spears
    DGF21: Violet Siobhan Oslo

    DDexp: Cielle Susan Lark Oslo

    DW27: Thisbe Linnea Meadow Spears Bellafiore
    DH40: Thomas Draco Bellafiore

    HisDS18: Thomas Jagger Bellafiore
    HisDS15: Archie Jace Bellafiore
    HisDS12: Arlo Jeremiah Bellafiore

    DF24: Rex Leland Spears
    DF22: Astraea Lilo Margaret Oswald

    DD1: Hazel Larsen Oswald
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto Raion, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    DH66 & DW61: James Lincoln Keys & Helen Naomi Clooney-Keys
    James & Helen: Victoria, Calvin, Isabella, Marie, Bryant, David, Helena and Felix

    DD40: Victoria Natalie Keys
    DS38: Calvin Julius "Cal" Keys
    DD35: Isabella Kate "Bella" Keys
    DD32: Marie Genevieve Keys
    DS/DS29: Bryant Joseph Daniel Keys / David Peter Keys
    DD27: Helena Veda Ginevra Keys
    DS24: Felix Andrew Keys

    Victoria Nix & Jonathan Kennedy Nix:
    Jonathan & Victoria: Harry, Jack, Anna, Emma, Ruby, Daisy and Alexander

    DS18: Harry Michael Keys
    DS16: Jack Wesley Keys
    DD/DD/DD14: Anna Rose Nix / Emma Hope Nix / Ruby Jane Nix
    DD11: Daisy Grace Nix
    DS9: Alexander Dean "Alex" Nix

    ----DBF18: Harry Keys
    ----DGF19: Joanna Laura Smith
    Harry & Joanna: Rosalina

    ----DDexp: Rosalina Laura Keys

    Cal Keys & Ruby Jones-Walker-Keys
    Cal & Ruby: Tesla and Ferdinand

    DD12: Tesla Angelina "Tes" Keys
    DS9: Ferdinand Jones "Ferdi" Keys

    Bella Keys-Lindwood & Patrick Michael Linwood:
    Patrick & Bella: Olivia, Ophelia, Emilie and Hugo

    DD/DD12: Ophelia Xiomara Linwood and Olivia Phoebe Linwood
    DD10: Emilie Joy Linwood
    DS7: Hugo John Paul Linwood

    Marie Keys & Presley Orlando Lopez:
    Presley & Marie: Philippa and Sadie

    DD9: Philippa Violet Lopez
    DD7: Sadie Madeline Lopez

    Marie Keys & Brooks Edward Jagger
    Brooks: Clark and Audrey
    Brooks & Marie: Harrison

    hisDS6: Clark Avery Jagger
    hisDD4: Audrey Amelia Jagger

    theirDS1: Harrison Apollo Jagger

    DF29 (twin 1) & DF25:
    Him: From Above
    Her: Book title FN and MN, and LN is athlete-inspired
    No children yet, but engaged to be married.

    David Keys (twin 2) & Violet Niamh Austin:
    David & Violet: Sophie

    DDexp: Sophie Agnes Lark Austin

    Helena Keys-Russo & Samuel Alaric "Sam" Russo:
    Sam: Samuel, Eli and Murphy

    HisDS18: Samuel Keith "Sam" Russo
    HisDS15: Eli Lucian Russo
    HisDS12: Murphy Raymond Russo
    They have no children together yet

    Felix Keys & Alice Lucia Mary O'Leary:
    Felix & Alice: Violet

    DD1: Hazel Bobbie O'Leary

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    DH66: Bryant Kennedy Aguilera
    DW61: Kayla Heidi {Evans} Aguilera
    DD40: Amelia Rose Aguilera
    DS38: Ford Washington Aguilera
    DD35: Jessica Ellie Aguilera
    DD32: Allie Chanel Aguilera
    DS/DS29: Beckham Noah James Aguilera / Jared Paxton Aguilera
    DD27: Kay Angelique Valencia Aguilera
    DS24: Bugs Andrew Aguilera

    DW40 & DH42:
    Her: Amelia Rose {Aguilera} Norris
    Him: Justin Ramone Norris
    DS18: Gandalf Tyler Norris
    DS16: Stone Hawk Norris
    DD/DD/DD14: Luna Rose Norris / Lily Anne Norris / Lucy Macy Norris
    DD11: Ivy Constance Norris
    DS9: Sawyer Luke Norris
    ----DBF18: Gandalf Tyler Norris
    ----DGF19: Roxanna Nancy Norris
    ----DDexp: Evangeline Nancy Norris

    DH38 & DW34:
    Him: Ford Washington Aguilera
    Her: Diamond Mary {Whitefeather} Aguilera
    DD12: Mercedes Angelica Aguilera
    DS9: Augustus White Aguilera

    DW35 & DH36:
    Her: Jessica Ellie {Aguilera} Lindell
    Him: Finn Lebron Lindell
    DD/DD12: Ophelia Xandra Lindell / Olivia Penelope Lindell
    DD10: Emmalee Noel Lindell
    DS7: Francis Griffin Garrett

    exDW32 & exDH37:
    Her: Allie Chanel Aguilera
    Him: Elvis Sonny Urie
    DD9: Lottie Violet Urie
    DD7: Delilah Marine Urie

    sameDGF32 & DBF30:
    Her: Allie Chanel Aguilera
    Him: Keanu Richard Jagger
    hisDS6: Coco Cameron Jagger
    hisDD4: Jameela Camelia Jagger
    theirDS1: Jackson Apollo Jagger

    DF29 (twin 1) & DF25:
    Him: Beckham Noah James Aguilera
    Her: Emma Eleanor Biles

    DBF29 (twin 2) & DGF21:
    Him: Jared Paxton Aguilera
    Her: Blue Siobhan London
    DDexp: Sarah Wren Linda London

    DW27 & DH40:
    Her: Kay Angelique Valencia {Aguilera} Ruiz
    Him: Jake Cassius Ruiz
    HisDS18: Jake Mick Ruiz
    HisDS15: Ace Jett Ruiz
    HisDS12: Phoenix Ebenezer Ruiz

    DF24 & DF22:
    Him: Bugs Andrew Aguilera
    Her: Aurora Lucille Miranda Obama
    DD1: Aqua Lee Obama

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